Sunday, April 12, 2009

Military analyst shills on FAUX News

It's what we've come to expect, of course, but that still doesn't make it any easier to swallow - the knowledge that many of our leaders have sold their souls in order to increase their wealth and status. We've known for some time that certain "military analysts" appearing on the networks are tied directly to military contractors, but that information was not disclosed to viewers..

Ali Frick, writing at Think Progress, gives us a prime example, noting that on April 9 "Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney appeared on Fox News to discuss the Somali pirates situation, and managed to use it as an opportunity to shill for the F-22:

"McINERNEY: I'd put F-22s and combat air patrol out there, two of them, with tankers. ... The reason I'd put the F-22s is because they can go 1.6 to mach 2, and they have a very quick reaction time and 20 millimeter canon."

Turns out the McInerney "worked as a consultant to Northrop Grumman, a major contractor for the F-22."

FAUX News didn't feel it necessary to disclose that connection.

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Grandpa Eddie said...

Another shill for the military-industrial complex, which is pretty much what Fuks Newz is when they aren't shilling for the Rethuglicans.

Bob Poris said...

Some of these guys should be exposed as the salesmen they are. Some might even be breaking some laws and should be held responsible. Freedom of the press allows reporters to get away with a lot but it does not apply to law breakers.

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