Monday, April 13, 2009

GOP should own another TV Station besides FOX says GOP "Talking Head"

We're indebted to a couple of folks for what follows, including FairWinds at Daily KOS, and Heather at Video Cafe; so we thank both of them.

It's delicious. Some guy by the name of Robert G. Kaufman wrote a book a couple years ago entitled In Defense of the Bush Doctrine: Moral Democratic Realism and American Grand Strategy [the title tells you where Kaufman's coming from!].

Anyone who uses the name Bush in the same sentence with "moral" has probably come unmoored from the pier.

So, seems that Kaufman appeared at the 61st Annual Conference on World Affairs, held April 6 at the University of Colorado. He was a member of the panel involved in a presentation called "Rebranding Republicans: Don't Misunderestimate Us."

Kaufman gave a ten-minute "lecture" in which he spoke of five "core principles" that Repugnicans have to make their own if they're gonna be able to take over "when Obama fails."

[Just reading that makes me sick to my stomach. WHEN Obama fails???? These goddamn sons-of-bitches don't give a rat's ass about our country! It's all about power. And they are willing to see people suffer and die in order to gain and maintain their power. And many of them do it in God's name! They are rotting turds dressed in human clothes!]

Okay, I'll continue now.

According to Mr. Kaufman, the #5 thing that Repugnicans must do is figure out how to get their message across even though they're facing a "hostile" media.

Heh. Heh. What the hell's he talking about? The MSM is bought and paid for by the corporations who buy and sell Repugnicans in Congress and is constantly kissing the asses of Repugnican nogoodniks in and out of Congress!

Okay, I'm back.

So, Kaufman says "If I had to recommend one single thing that the Republicans should be doing to help articulate the message, it is to acquire another television network so that there is not just FOX, but multiple sources of alternative information"...blah, blah, blah!

Read that again and let it sink in. The Republicans should get their hands on ANOTHER TV NETWORK BECAUSE THE ONE THEY ALREADY OWN, FAUX NEWS, ISN'T ENOUGH TO GET THEIR MESSAGE OUT TO THE HOI POLLOI!

[That begs the question, of course, "What message?" The one that promises unending war, global hostility, the threat of Armaggedon, financial collapse, moral rot, lies and more lies, incompetent fools, the shredding of the Constitution, etc., etc.? That must be the "message" as I've not heard of any other Repugnican message!]

I'm alright. I'm alright!

Here's what Heather at Video Cafe says:

"Kaufman is not a spokesperson for the GOP but this slip is one that probably deserves some notice as the diarist writes. Heaven forbid that any of them ... don't have enough control over our airways as it is already. Right now there are about six media companies that control almost everything we watch on television, at the movies and listen to on the radio. How could the GOP survive without one more Fox News channel to promote their agenda? It just boggles the mind."

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Grandpa Eddie said...

They already control most of what goes out over the airwaves and this asshat wants more. And he's one of those idiots who wants the Fairness Doctrine to fail because it would level the playing field for radio talk shows.

Bob Poris said... are being to tough on these people. They know that Obama has already failed to solve all our problems. They knew after only two months in office, that Obama failed! I wonder why they do not ask Bush and Cheney to offer suggestions, since they did not fail after eight years.

Anonymous said...

I more or less agree with you, but Dr. Kaufman is a good guy. I've met him personally. Unlike many republicans, he actually admits they own Fox. Wouldn't it be nice if other republicans were open and honest?

You also ought to check out his book. There's some interesting arguments in there that might appeal to you, though much of it will probably still make you (as it did me) very angry.

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