Friday, April 17, 2009

Sarah Palin - GOP standard bearer!

[Image by Getty from the Huffington Post]

Let's see:

Everyone of Sarah Palin's appointees or nominees has been voted down, declined or withdrawn. That adds up to zero percent approval!

The legislators in the Alaska state house are thoroughly pissed that Palin decided to go speaking to an anti-choice group on the last week of business, an especially busy time. They shouldn't be surprised, though, for it is clear by now that Sarah does whatever Sarah wants - especially if she thinks it will strengthen her image as a GOPhew "standard bearer."

The Anchorage Daily News, a newspaper of some note, has castigated Sarah in an op-ed for being "reluctant to take Alaska's full $930.7 million share of federal stimulus money. Failure to take the money will hurt our economy, cost jobs and deny extra help to the state's school children," says the ADN.

Hmmm. That should be surprising either. Sarah's a Repugnican. Principles over people is the mantra [unless of course, the "people" are fetuses]. Even if the so-called "principles" are a crock.

As I've noted before, it is very likely that at the last moment Sarah will sigh heavily and give in and accept the money. That way she can keep her bonafides as another lunatic Republican governor but still look good to the hoi polloi in Alaska by grabbing that fistful of dollars from the feds. (Not that she's ever in the past had a problem with federal money - she's actually gone looking for it - when she wasn't looking for Russia!)

So, what's Sarah been up to on this last week of the legislative session when she should have been back home in Alaska tending to the state's business?

Palin, the prevaricator, has dragged the first Dude down to Evansville, Indiana in order to speak at a convention of anti-choice rightwingnuts. Her favorite kind of people!

So she said all the usual things: abortion is bad, Trig is wonderful because he's made in the image of God (whatever the hell that means!), and she used the same old tired language about "culture of life" and how the good guys (rightwingnuts) must keep plugging along to maintain that "culture of life," which means reversing Roe v. Wade.

Oh, yes, she also blasted the President for backing a woman's right to choose, and for supporting stem-cell research. Naturally. And she got in a nasty, which is her forte, by saying something about how protecting babies is not above her pay grade; which may be true, I suppose, but everything else sure is!

The wingnuts stood and applauded and the heavens opened up and a voice came down saying "This is my beloved daughter, make her president." All the people cheered.

But, and this is the funniest thing: Michael Steele, erstwhile without-a-clue chair of the Republican National Committee, commented that he thought Palin the prevaricator was the party's standard bearer - or, at least one of them. He did lump her in with the other kookaberries like Mitt Romney, the rich Mormon; Tim Pawlenty, the born-again nogoodnik from Minnesota; Mark Sanford, the dork who disses the stimulus from South Carolina; Rudy Guiliani, the much-married, adulterous cross-dresser from New York; Eric Cantor who has become the Repugnican House clown; and Mike Pence who, like Palin is truth-challenged.

What a great bunch! These are the GOP standard bearers, and Palin stands right up at the head of the class.

No wonder anyone with a brain has pronounced the Republican Party is dead.

May it forever stay that way!


Grandpa Eddie said...

She also says that Obama is a socialist who will destroy America with socialism.

She seems to look past the fact that the money that comes from all the oil that comes out of the ground in Alaska is divided up between all of Alaska's residents. That in itself is socialism.

I wonder if she will refuse to take any Social Security once she retires, because we all know that, too, is socialism. But that will never happen.

Bob Poris said...

As I grow more and more respectful of Obama, I think it wonderful that the Republicans think Palin is well qualified to run for President. At some point they will have to reform the party that I once was a member of for decades. I do not recognize it now and think of it as a fringe party dedicated to ruining reputations rather than a loyal opposition representing some fiscal responsibility, true love of country and all its citizens regardless of party. Lincoln must have turned over in his grave long before today. It is unbelievable that they do not have some real thinkers to lead them. Newt, Palin, McCain, all of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc are a disgrace to their professions with their attack dog mentality instead of constructive criticism

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