Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you don't matter to God...

I found this at Friendly Atheist...Hemant Mehta notes that it derives from the same group responsible for the Creation Museum.

It's about as sick a piece as I've ever seen. All in the name of Jesus, of course!


Grandpa Eddie said...

That was sick!

Mr. Hyde said...

I don't know that I would call it sick, but I certainly don't understand the point. How is that supposed to move people to a relationship with God?
And are they implying that people onle "matter" if they have a relationship with God? I think that is crazy, people matter whether or not they know God.

Anonymous said...

Oh, horror of horrors. It’s sick when somebody attempts to demonstrate that a world without God becomes violent and corrupt. Oh, how terrible! |end sarcasm|

GE … as usual you have it backward. What did Christ say? That He came for the sinners, not the Holy. So, I guess people DO matter if they do not know God. What the video is trying to say is … YOU do not matter to PEOPLE who do not know God. They might just kill you.

Since nobody can possibly obey God’s law … including High Priests and Popes … we must realize that the law is simply a mirror that, upon reflection, clearly demonstrates what we are without God. No God (atheism) equals sin and violence. A human corruption of God equals sin and violence.

Jacob said...

Actually you brave anonymous person, you show how ignorant you are, especially of history.

No God doesn't equal violence. If you knew anything of the past 2000 years you'd know it is just the opposite!

You really don't know much of anything. Your comment about the Law is hilarious - you're just parroting Paul (who knew nothing of Jesus).
But from what you wrote, I have to assume you're an angry, violent Christian who would love to send all the bad atheists to everlasting hell.

Jesus said, as you may or may not know, that every teeny itty bit of the Law MUST be obeyed. Read the Gospel According to Matthew!

Doesn't matter what Paul says unless you don't really follow Jesus.

The Church has demonstrated over and over again that it is not above using violence to attain its objectives.

That's pretty much the way Christians behave today, too.

Do some study other than your fundamentalist trash; you might learn something!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jacob, Jesus said that He came to fulfill the law since we could not. Excuse me if I don’t take my theology from an avowed atheist, ok? That would be like taking dieting advice from a fat person.

Oh, and I am sure you are correct. Godless people are never violent. Read my post again … assuming you actually read and don’t just skim. I said, “No God (atheism) equals sin and violence. A human corruption of God equals sin and violence.” Now, what does that mean to you? To me it means that people with no God tend to be violent AND people who corrupt God’s word tend to be violent.”

A World Quite Mad said...

@anonymous... you said, //"What the video is trying to say is … YOU do not matter to PEOPLE who do not know God."//

So, why aren't my atheist and pagan friends out shooting people? >.<

Your logic is flawed. I'm not Christian and there are plenty of people who matter to me. Being Christian or not, has nothing to do with whether you are violent or not. Though I have found that people who are religious and do violent things, tend to say it was because "god" wanted them to, or because their religious beliefs supported said violence.

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