Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paraguayan President and the Pope's godlessness

[Photo by BBC News]

Pope Benedict XVI warned us against "godlessness" and "secularism" on Good Friday [see post below].

Perhaps he was thinking about his former bishop, Fernando Lugo, who is now the president of Paraguay.

Seems the president, when he was a bishop, had an affair with a 16-year old girl which resulted in the birth of a boy child.

The president, at first, denied any such shenanigans, but doggone it all, the girl, Viviana Carrillo, filed a paternity suit.

So, finally, he confessed and said he is going to "assume all responsibilities."

That's nice.

This is no big deal, of course; happens all the time; and not infrequently, it seems, of bishops in the Roman Catholic Church.

The problem is that such behavior, which I'm sure Pope Benedict would classify as "mocking" Christ, or a "desert of godlessness," does not appear to be caused by "secularism" or "the faith ... being trivialised." The man was a bishop, for Christ's sake!

Nor it is caused, I think, by the fact that "Values and norms that held societies together and drew people to higher ideals are laughed at and thrown overboard."

A bishop wouldn't do that.

In fact, the bishop was horny and his church said he could not do what was normal -- get married and have children -- so he was caught between a rock and a hard place...or hard something.

I don't think the bishop is a bad person; in fact, it seems he was a good bishop in many ways and that he's been a good president for Paraguay in other ways.

I do think the Pope and his so-called "values and norms" which insist that Catholic clergy be men and be celibate are, in fact, creating the rise in what he bemoans as "secularism."

I also think the Roman church is filled with hypocrites of the highest magnitude.

There's more here.


Grandpa Eddie said...

So, was Lugo removed from the priesthood after this all happened, or did he leave willingly?

If not, then the Poop is helping foment the very thing he is complaining about....which, of course, he already is with the defense of his perverted priests.

Jacob said...

Lugo requested to be released from the priesthood and his vow of chastity and the Pope was only too happy to grant same.

Heh. Heh.

Bob Poris said...

Is there something in the wine or wafers that causes such behavior? I though men and women went to bars to pick up people. It seems that some clergy attract them in such an unlikely place. Could that be why our founding fathers wanted to separate church and state? By all means let us keep the clergy out of our schools where they can prey on the kids. We should also warn church goers of the dangers from the clergy.

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