Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sign of the times - morons and idiots

[Photo from The Huffington Post by Tony Ramao - Chicago]

The so-called tea parties, which were paid for and orchestrated by FAUX News and other rightwing outfits and individuals, were pretty much a dud in terms of what a decent protest should look like. But, as someone else said, the Repugnican Party and its leaders still haven't learned that one cannot foment revolution from the top down.

Nevertheless, a closer examination of the morons and idiots participating in these "parties" gives us a glimpse as to the ignorance and stupidity of those involved. It also indicates the underlying racism that was prevalent.

The Huffington Post has a story on this as does Mike Madden at Salon.

Madden, for example, tells how walking through Lafayette Park, one could select a person at random and discover the depth of wingnuttery.

One woman said, "I think Obama's plan is to create a catastrophic failure in our economic system, because then people will get desperate, and then you have the ability for a totalitarian government to move in."

It is simply mind-boggling how someone cannot see that if anyone was instrumental in leading us toward totalitarianism, it was/is not Obama but George and Dickie. To accuse President Obama of deliberately planning "a catastrophic failure in our economic sytem," indicates a non-functioning brain. She should not be allowed out of the house or to drive a car.

Her son, a Marine, 19 years of age, a branch of the same tree, held up a sign which accused "Barney Frank and other Democrats of treason." And this guy carries a weapon!

Then, the woman posed a threat: Indicating that America under Obama equates to Italy under Mussolini, she said "look at what happened to him [Mussolini]," which was a brittle reminder of how blacks were routinely hung by disgruntled whites not long ago in our history. But just in case anyone missed the point, she continued, "I would remind Obama of that," she said.

A man, unsure of what he was doing at a tea party, proclaimed his love for his country but really thought that on 9/11 the terrorists bombed the wrong building. "They should have gone into the Capitol building, hit out, knocked out both sides of the aisle, we'd start from scratch, we'd be better off today."

One of the signs hoisted by another nogoodnik read "Ameristan -- of the gov'nt, by the gov'nt, for the gov'nt, Barack Hussein Obama."

Another proclaimed "Restore the Republic."

Then, says Madden, a man shouted, "They're nothing but Marxist, socialist Communists in there," as he pointed toward the White House.

"Someone standing alone on the grass," writes Madden, "about 30 yards from the stage, had a sign calling Obama 'Soetero' -- the name of his Indonesian stepfather -- and telling the president he'd have to get through the guy with the sign if he wanted to destroy the country."

What Madden describes was replicated at each of these tea parties across the country: Morons and idiots prancing around shouting nonsense at people just as dumb as they are. Fortunately, these morons and idiots do not represent the great majority of people in our nation who think that President Obama is doing a good job.

If Texas secedes, it would be nice if all these morons and idiots who are not now living in Texas, could move there.

You can read all of Madden's article here.

The Huffington Post has 10 of the most offensive protest signs here.


One Fly said...

And there is nothing that will change the way they think let alone the truth. Racist opinions formed by the their media which is our biggest enemy.

It has gotten worse since the election and it's about time for one of these types to pull some nasty shit once again.

To think that there will be any significant legislation passed with this new congress is being naive as the same mentality pervades there as well with enough repugs and help from a few dims most bills end up being compromised to suit these bastards.

We are so screwed.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I often wonder if these "people" turned off their brains(if they have any)in Jan.'01, and never saw the unConstitutional crap that Bush/Cheney did.

They let the leaders of the Party of No do their thinking for them. If anyone fucked with their taxes it was Reagan when he cut the taxes of the wealthy, and then raised THEIR taxes to pay for the tax cut. Fucking idiots! And we let these people drive cars and own guns!

Jacob said...

@ OneFly - In my nightmares I agree with you and in the daytime I find my cynicism taking over...and frankly, I don't know what we can do.

One Fly said...

I haven't said this on my blog but for some time to friends after all the shit started happening after 911 was that I think our democracy is lost and we don' even know it. Still believe that and also I think key people have been and still are being coerced into towing the company line so to speak and that I have written about.

Bob Poris said...

Why don’t some of those patriots enlist in our military and help to prevent such a takeover by all those people they fear. We are fighting two wars and need people to enlist now to save us and the world. Taxes are very low if one’s only income is the salary paid our fighting men and women.

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