Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Palin speaking, Palin nominating, Palin proclaiming

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Palin is in hot water again.

Seems she left Alaska to go speak at some wingnut anti-abortion conference in the Lower 48. Alaska's legislators were not happy because she took off during the last week of the legislative session, which is always the busiest session of the year.

It should be noted, this was a personal decision on her part, totally unnecessary (unless, of course, she's trying to build her base for 2012).

The second thing she did had to do with her nominating skills. After her previous nominations for attorney general of Alaska were turned down by the Democrats, she nominated three people for one position! Yup. Maybe she can't count very well. Or maybe she governs by the theory that if she throws enough crap at a wall, some of it might stick.

But, this story gets even more interesting when we find out (via the Anchorage Daily News) that two of the three have already been rejected by the Dems, which leaves the third, who switched to the Democratic Party just a few months ago.

Finally, Ms. Palin the prevaricator, in a 10-minute testimony during U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's hearing on offshore oil and gas leasing, beat the same old drum: Drill, baby, drill. According to ADN, she "told Salazar that the future of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline and the success of a proposed natural gas pipeline are at stake if offshore development doesn't occur."

Of course it is. My goodness, the world will collapse if we don't drill off the coast of Alaska.

Unless, you're very rich, or will get very rich from offshore drilling, you probably would agree with Edward Itta, mayor of the North Slope Borough, when he noted his people do not want offshore drilling because it's too risky, and the "rewards" aren't worth the risk. "That's because spill response are (is) virtually impossible in Arctic waters."

What the hell. Who cares about Alaska, the environment, Eskimo's, polar bears and other wildlife, anyway?


Grandpa Eddie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it don't choke Jacob....Palin/Bachmann in 2012.
Should be an easy win for the Dems.

Jacob said...


Bob Poris said...

So, at what point will the people of Alaska get fed up with her? I assume there is some system that allows the people to investigate, find the truth, prosecute or change things. I seem to remember the word “impeachment” but that was concerning a President and had to do with lying about sex, so maybe it is not available for governors. On the other hand, perhaps the people of Alaska like being governed by “one of their own” and think she is being treated unfairly by the Liberals, Socialists, commies, fascists, or some conspiratorial group determined to undermine her because of her deep and abiding faith and good works. After all, she does stand between us and Godless Russia.

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