Saturday, January 24, 2009

Texe Marrs - wingnut extraordinaire

Insanity appears in many different forms. One form can be found at Power of Prophecy, a ministry of the notorious anti-Semite christianist, Texe Marrs.

Every once in awhile it is kinda fun to take a break from the rigors of reality and step into a world of delusion. When you come out of such a world, reality doesn't look quite so desperate.

So, take a deep breath and point your browser here. Power of Prophecy is "an end-times ministry called by God to exalt Jesus Christ and to expose darkness in these last days." On the ministry's website you can:

1. Buy the following video documentaries by Texe Marrs:

* "Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle - Phallic Architecture and Sex Monuments of the Illuminati,"

* "Where the Rich & Famous Dwell - Architectural Secrets of the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Astors, and Other Storied Bloodlines and Dynasties,"

* "Architectural Colossus - Mysterious Monuments of the Illuminati Enshroud the World With Magic and Seduction."

2. Buy Marr's "amazing new book, "Mysterious Monuments."

3. Learn about Marr's shortwave radio broadcast in which he discusses: "Rabbis Over the Vatican--Pope Benedict XVI Cedes Keys of Kingdom to Zionist Interlopers, Leaving One Billion Catholics Swallowed Up in a Thick Cloud of Jewish Deceit."

4. Buy Texes' book, "Codex Magica," a "masterpiece.

And much more.

You may want to take a shower when you finish.


Bob Poris said...

I find it so unbelievable to think that Jews control the Vatican, international banking, and just about everything.

Three out of five Jews throughout Europe were not only killed with the help of governments, people etc all over the world, but accurate records were kept for most of them, along with photographs, etc.. That left most of Europe without Jews. The nuts seem to believe that the remnant of Jews managed to regain control of the world and still allowed the nuts to profit from their destructive ideas. I would think the Jews would have changed the policies of the Vatican, the Arab world, the nuts all over the world by now. They certainly would have frozen or confiscated their money long ago. Israeli Mossad agents could search out terrorists and kill them all over the world. Why would they allow these guys to live when they are so easy to find? Anti Semitism is dangerous and not very logical but it is profitable for many.

Anonymous said...

If you would read The Synogogue of Satan (by Andrew Hitchcock) you would find out how the IMPOSTER Jews (the Khazarian and Ashkenazi Jews in particular) have (through the Rothschild dynasty in particular) gained control of the nations. Check the membership rolls of the secret societies (like the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission Skull and Bones, Club of Rome, etc., etc.) and usually there is a disproportionate number of Jews in the membership as compared to others. Most of greedy and will do ANYTHING for wealth and power.....even killing their own to "cry persecution" and get sympathy and MONEY. Christ himself said of them "You are of your father the devil". They defied Him - they will walk all over us. The Rothschilds (Jewish) fund Both sides of wars - to make MONEY. They will foment wars. Read "The SYNOGOGUE OF SATAN" (by Andrew Hitchcock). You bad mouth Texe Marrs and accuse him of being anti-semitic. I have heard him speak/preach - and he is NOT.....he just tells it like it is. The Jews who control things will make sure that the U.S. citizenry DOES NOT hear it like it is - because they control all the various types of media, not to mention the wealth of this nation. You may not believe this now - but if you research them - via sources not considered maintainstream (because THEY are mainstream), maybe you will find the truth.

Jacob said...

Anon. You are one very sick puppy. And a rabid anti-Semite. And if you're a Xtian, you deny everything that your Jesus (who was an "orthodox" Jews!) taught!

Frankly, I think you're probably insane.

Joanna said...

Well,guys,all I can say is; "GOD Help You!".I'm a former atheist,now a Born_Again Christian,and SO glad I am! I grew up in a big,filthy,overcrowded city full of crime,hate,poverty,drugs,and despair,and thought that was just LIFE. I became a Police Officer and saw the seamiest,saddest and most immoral side of life every day. Now,I'm a retired, country-bumpkin,mom of one grown man and Nana to two little girls.I am involved in my Baptist church as secretary,librarian,garden committee,and all-round "fill-in".I have never been happier.
The things I've seen and experienced both as an atheist and a Christian have taught me much. GOD is real and can be trusted.People are false and cannot be trusted.Politicians are greedy liars and the Illuminati exists and its' evil plans for you in the future are not only real,they are already well on their way to being realized.Texe tells the truth,and backs it up with exhaustive research.It's the GOVERNMENT that LIES! Teachers,(especially college profs),judges,doctors,lawyers,bankers,priests,bankers,businessmen,and all the bleeding-heart liberals are all soldiers in the Illuminati army,knowingly and unknowingly,and they lure the unsaved and uniformed into a false sense of security.
OBama brings with him,the certainty of Socialism,which equals Communism,which equals total government control by the rich and powerful,and the liberal Democrats,and the stupid,secular humanists will be their slaves. Personally,I am not afraid,even though the very near future is going to be a nightmare of unimagined suffering.I will not be here.The Lord WILL take His saints out of the way first,because if He does not,the Anti-Christ will not be able to get his evil past the Christians of the Holy Spirit,and prophecy cannot be fulfilled.
But folks like Jacob here,will be left behind to experience the Wrath of God and the Tribulation.So maybe you prefer to worship Allah or Buddha or Water Woman or whatever gets made up next,but know THIS. You had a choice.You had a chance. Are you REALLY willing to risk it? I am not.READ Revelation and get someone who knows the Bible to explain it to you in terms that secular humanists can understand.
Read the Constitution of the United States of America,and LOOK at what is happening to our freedoms and protections. Look at your political leaders.Do they indeed,work for YOU as they are intended to,or do YOU work for THEM? Look at the Terrorists in Guantanamo Bay,soon to be released and mainstreamed into American society,with the financial support of the American taxpayers they tried to KILL.
Look at the whining,weepy minorities and illegal immigrants,made into dependent,helpless,useless drains on the working man,because some liberal felt sorry for them and GAVE them everything! Thank you,ACLU and NAACP! Did you get to VOTE on the bailouts? Do you have ANY say in what is done with that money that you and yours will pay for until the end of time? Of course not,you are a peon,the Government will think for you,and soon,they will tell you where and how to live,and raise your kids,and what and how much to eat,and on and on it goes. Good luck with that! Don't believe it? OPEN YOUR EYES! LOOK at America now,then look at the America of the 1950s,then tell me that Texe Marrs is a lunatic. I would love to see as many souls as possible accept Jesus before it is too late,but you just can't fix stupid.All I can do is pray for you. Time is short.Wake up.

Jacob said...

I'm so glad that you have finally found the "truth."

You're really a sad soul, but you do have the right to believe what you want to...

What a terrible thing to believe in a god because you're afraid the blood-thirsty old character is gonna get you forever.

Anonymous said...

I'm yet another 'anonymous'.

Bad things are on the horizon people. Seek answers before you redicule people.

Without Jesus Christ there's nothing.

Think about it. You're born, you age (if you're lucky) then you die.

Does everyone deserve the same fate?

People knock thier socks off trying to stop the aging process. But what happens in the end?

You die, and the body rots. Though these days, a couple of plastic boobies may remain. Unless they're cremeated? Shouldn't there be a carbon tax on that???

Really, best you find God, or pray that He finds you.

Jacob said...

@ Another anon - ...and you're going to live forever with your imaginary friend in the sky in a palace surrounded by streets paved with gold...

That's so wonderful.

And your bloodthirsty god is gonna torture forever all those poor fools who just couldn't quite figure out that morons like Texe Marrs was right all along.

Hey, did you know, the prior to the virgin arrival of your legendary Jesus, the Jews (of which Jesus was one) didn't believe in an afterlife...

May your god bless you. I can see your frightened to death of him!

Are you absolutely certain you're saved? Is it possible you maybe did something you shouldn't have and don't even know it -- like forgetting the proper words of a prayer -- and you'll burn in hell forever like the rest of us?

Boy, I'd sure worry if I was you!

Anonymous said...

If a person does NOT believe in GOD - who created all things and human beings - with a capacity to fellowship with Him, then there's little anyone can say to open their blinded mind. Only the Holy spirit can do that - and it is done through the preaching of scripture as found in the Bible. I pity the person (including possibly Jake) who may have never been exposed to exposition of the scriptures of the Bible under the Holy spirit's direction. We are all born with a sinful nature - that we must get rid of in order to go to Heaven and live throughout all eternity with God. The only way to get rid of it is to allow (by faith) Jesus' substitionary death on the cross to cancel out that sin. People go to hell - not necessarily because they are bad - BUT because they fail to acknowledge that their sins had to be dealt with and that Jesus did it for them. Bby so doing - they will love Him for loving "them" that He would die for them. If you fail to accept this, you will continue to stay on the road to hell, which, incidentally is just as real as Heaven...can't believe in one without the other. To those who do not believe the Bible, it seems like foolishness to them (even the Bible says this). God does not wish for anyone to perish in hell; if we go there, it's our fault because we fail to accept the only "escape" from it - the atonement of Jesus Christ. You may laugh and scoff at these words, but if you fail to adhere to its admonition, you WILL remember it in hell for "eternity" - that's a long, long time. Is worth taking this risk??? What in life is worth more than your soul. Unfortunately for so many humanists, they don't believe in God, nor heaven, nor hell, nor that they even have a soul that will live on eternally. If you humanists are right and I'm wrong - I've nothing to lose - because I will have gone beyond what may seem necessary. BUT, if I am right (which I KNOW I am) and you're wrong, you have got a LOT to lose. Are you a gambler? For every step you take toward God in seeking "real truth", He will make a step towards you. Hopefully, you will find each other before you die! Death does NOT end it! Two choices: heaven or hell. It's entirely up to YOU!

Jacob said...

@ anonymous - You're kidding, right? And you know all this because?

Do you know how to spell Bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Johanna (3/28) is right about the Illuminati (founded in 1790 by Rothschilds/wealthy European bankers, etc.). They will "USE" the atheistic humanistic folks (who have the same mindset regarding God and Biblical values, etc.) until they have everything ready to institute their one-world order(not far off.. Obama and Europeans are discussing it NOW). But, since the humanists have their own selfish agenda as well, the Illuminati who are MORE powerful will sweep them aside, saying "thanks for all your help guys...couldn't have done it all without you". No need to resist them; they are in process of outfitting concentration camps in U.S., particularly rural western part U.S. (verified by a U.S. Marine). They will get you guys out of the way first because you are more of a threat with "your" agenda. They will get the Christians next - not as much of a threat because humanistic influences have discredited Christians, referring to them as nut cases (as Jacob said to anonymous of 3/7 - accusing the person of being insane). The objective of the Illuminati is to destroy Christianity with atheism - and then after atheism has done its dirty work for them, then destroy the atheists as well (because of your competitive agenda). Therefore, you guys are in a more dangerous position than the "insane"(?) Christians (as you describe them). We don't want to control or head up governments or institute a new world order. We just want people to individually accept Jesus Christ and be a part of His future kingdom (whatever that all entails).
Johanna....keep telling it like it is; maybe a few of these spiritually blind atheists will eventually wake up. Will it take their seeing all these predictions/statements coming to pass before their very eyes for them to believe the Bible?? You woke up - thanks to the grace of God. Therefore, there is still a chance for them as well. God bless you and your effort. Ann

Jacob said...

I didn't realize how many goofy people there are out there with their magic bibles and conspiracy theories and bloodthirsty god.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jake - he sits on the sidelines of this website - with his "atheistic gun" aimed at all those who disagree with him and especially those who lift up Christ. He needs to be put on some church's prayer list for salvation (maybe mine?). Jesus wept over his people who denied him (and eventually crucified Him); true Christian's hearts are broken over all those who reject the "Only way to Heaven" (Jesus Christ). The apostle Paul (Roman/Jewish) who killed Christians eventually found salvation in Jesus Christ and became one of God's boldest ambassadors and a writer of a good portion of the New Testament. With this in mind, there is hope for Jake - at least he hasn't been responsible for anyone's death.

Jacob said...

It is obvious you know very little about the history of Christianity, how it came to be or the New Testament. You also know very little about the mythological Jesus you claim to worship.

Put down your magic book and read the great scholars who, over the past 300 years, have debunked most of what you believe.

That probably wouldn't change anything because you never let facts get in the way of your beliefs.

Furthermore, Paul did not write "a good portion" of the New Testament...he wrote maybe 7 of the letters ascribed to him. The rest of the books were forged.

Paul did not know Jesus, or anything about him and didn't care. If you read what he says carefully, his "Christ" was a mythical figure who came down from the 7th heaven and was crucified by the "powers" in the 1st heaven.

Sorry, Ann, you may be a nice person, but are truly ignorant.

Pray for someone who needs it.

Jacob said...

Anonymous - I'm deleting your comment for two reasons. Marrs is a wacko freak on the fringes of sanity and you must be, too.

The second reason is in two parts: I wouldn't want to be party to conning anyone to listen to anything this asshat has to say, because they may very well get deathly ill from such garbage.

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