Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dick Cheney, Bond bad guy in wheelchair

[Reuters Image]

I'm sure I've seen this movie. Wasn't it one of the early Bond flicks? The wheelchair guy was a really, really bad person. Wanted to destroy the world. Or at least the United States! Whatever happened to him?


Anonymous said...

Nope - not Bond but Capra. Its the evil Mr. Potter/Cheney. Looks like he won't have his way and have all us living in Cheneyville (or would that be Shantytown?).

FridaWrites said...

Obama's father-in-law also uses a wheelchair. You are reinforcing stereotypes against us. Would you use someone's skin color or gender as a metaphor for their wrongdoing?

Jacob said...

Whoa, Frida. This had nothing to do with wheelchairs, other than Cheney reminded me of some Bond movie, I think.

Methinks you're over-reacting...the wheelchair was not a metaphor of anything. Cheney reminds me of bad guys everywhere, whether riding on a horse, in a Mercedes, or a wheelchair.


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