Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Praying for the pre-born in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

Why in the name of God do a bunch of anti-abortion clergy and hangers-on need to hold a "National Service for the Pre-Born" in the new US Capitol Visitor Center?

These self-appointed guardians of public morality are marginal religious figures who have a desperate need to put themselves into a spotlight not realizing that only highlights their idiocy.

Evidently they were not going to be allowed to do their public pleading to their deity inside the US Capitol Visitor Center, but Senator Orrin Hatch, Mormon Repugnican from Utah, intervened on behalf of the wackos, and thus they will, tomorrow morning, January 22, gather to praise all fetuses everywhere.

The main outfits involved in this presumptuous religious exercise are the National Pro-Life Religious Council, the National Clergy Council, Priests for Life and Faith and Action. They claim that they will be joined by "dozens of clergy and other pro-life leaders from every Christian denomination and tradition."

Not quite. Not even close.

Rob Schenck, who runs a minor ministry in Washington, D.C., and runs around praying for Congresspeople, claims that "This year's Pre-born Service is more important than ever. We now have an administration that threatens to reverse all the pro-life gains of the last eight years. We must be a strong witness to the Gospel of Life in the midst of the Congress. ... I am very grateful to Senator Hatch for working so hard on our behalf."

If, indeed, there is to be no establishment of religion in this country, why in god's name would Senator Hatch involve himself in this frenzied flourish for fetuses and actually arrange for these wacko preachers to pray in a public building?

Would he do the same for other religious groups?

There's more here. A video of Schenck yammering about the "pre-born" service here. Schenck's website here. Schenck's blog here.


DB said...

This is great. They are starting to squirm now that reality is setting in that Bush's failed policies across the board are going to be reversed. Life for them is about to get rough. Maybe they will finally understand how the rest of our country, no, the world, has felt for the last 8 years.

Jacob said...

Thanks for the comment, DB. The wackos on the right are up in arms screeching that they have NOT lost power and they're going to pray more and it's terrifying that Obama's going to do so many bad things like sign the Freedom of Choice Act, etc.

It's been a long 8 years so all of this is so damn much fun.

Like your blog. Done bookmarked it immediately!


DB said...

Ah, the Freedom of Choice Act will be a great nail in their coffin! I truly am lovin' it.

Thanks for the bookmark. And likewise.

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