Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calling America to repentance

[Note:  Today, March 8, 2011, Mr. Marcavage wrote to tell me that the photo appearing in this space was copyrighted and he held the copyright and he wanted it removed.  We removed the photo.  But you can be sure that Marcavage is still fighting for his god and agin all the bad liberal folks out in America land.  Too bad.  We have enough wackos in this country!]

Michael Marcavage has been publicly protesting against liberals, homos, abortionists and other anti-Christians for years. At the time of Bush's second inauguration, he was in Washington leading a protest claiming Bush was too liberal!

Marcavage is the president of an extremist outfit called Repent America, an organization that puts the loops in fruitloops. They're all about proclaiming the "gospel" to the heathens in America, which is almost everybody except themselves.

Like most other right wingnut christianist groups they can't abide President Obama who is already beginning to put into effect items on his "ungodly" agenda. You can guess what items they're talking about.

So, America has to repent and go back to Bible-believing and rid ourselves of abortionists, homosexuals and liberals. We've got to get in good with God by putting prayer back in the public schools and the public square, and build out nation on godly principles.

For those reasons, Marcavage and a bunch of his wacko cronies were at Obama's inauguration, wandering about the National Mall, confronting people with the "gospel." They installed a public address system near the Washington Monument, so people would be sure to hear every word of their religious ranting.

According to Marcavage, his followers also went out and about trying to connect with people in one-on-one witnessing.

We must "be in service to our King and do as he says," proclaims Marcavage.

He also noted that the authorities did not give his group any trouble, but a few "church-going spectators displayed hostility."

Really? Who'd a thunk it?

Let us spray.

The website for Repent America is here. An interesting article on the wacko, Marcavage is here.

And here is a short video of Marcavage "preaching" the love of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

This photograph in this blog entry is NOT of Michael Marcavage, nor does the tone of the entry represent his approach to preaching.

Jacob said...

Well, who said it was of Michael Marcavage? I guess someone might think there was a connection - so, thanks, I'll make that clear.

With re: his approach to preaching...anyone who goes to the National Mall on inauguration day to push Jesus on the masses because they're going to hell without him, is a fruitloop!


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