Saturday, January 24, 2009

J. Matt Barber says NO to common ground

President Obama would very much like to find "common ground" with the wingnuts on the right who care only about abortion and homosexuality, both of which their god and the holy book says are bad, bad, bad.

J. Matt Barber, wingnut director of cultural affairs for Liberty Counsel, provides a good example as to why Obama should give up the "common ground" hope.

There is no common ground.

Barber says the following:

Obama is "an extreme leftist ideologue..."

Obama is "planning to implement ... the many-times-failed Marxist fiscal policies."

Obama's "national security goals" are "noxiously naive peacenik policies that have Mahmoud and Osama giggling themselves to sleep at night."

Obama, "on issues involving marriage, family and sexual morality ... [has] been even more brazen than some of his ardent detractors could have expected."

Obama plans to do many terrible ungodly things, such as: "Defeating all state and federal constitutional efforts to defend the millennia-old definition of natural marriage from attacks by 'gay marriage' activists"; he's going to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which will "dangerously disrupt unit cohesion and troop morale; he's going to pass "constitutionally dubious and discriminatory 'hate crimes' legislation, granting homosexuals and cross-dressers exclusive rights - denied other Americans - based on sexual behaviors that are deviant, changeable, and widely regarded both here and around the world as immoral; he's going to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act; and he's "Creating intentionally motherless and fatherless homes and sexually confusing untold thousands of children by expanding 'gay adoption.'

Barber says that "Obama has told the world he is signing off, without exception, on every demand of the extremist homosexual and transsexual lobbies."

Barber speaks for many on the christianist right when he says that "it's becoming abundantly clear that Barack Obama's administration will be the most leftist, divisive and discriminatory in recent memory."

So much for "common ground." But it is great fun to read the rantings of these kooks on the right who have, in the recent past, been able to call up Chimpy in the White House and cry on his shoulder and get him to do their bidding. The game is up. They're on the outside looking in. They don't like it. They think because Obama doesn't fall for their line of bullshit, they are being discriminated against. Not.

In this regard, at least, happy days are here again. Go back to your cave, Mr. Barber. The Dark Ages are over!

Barber's complete article is here. And another interesting article here about his firing by Allstate Insurance Company.

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Bob Poris said...

Don’t you just love our patriots willing to allow democracy to work? It didn’t work so well under Bush and Cheney who socialized banks and approved Paulson’s follies. I think it wise to hope Obama is able to improve the terrible situations he inherited. I hope he succeeds for all our sakes. If not, we are all in trouble.

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