Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moron praises God for "miracle" on the Hudson

Of course, it wasn't a "miracle" at all. When US Airways Airbus 320, Flight 1549, went down in the Hudson River, the 155 passengers were "saved" by the timely and professional actions of the pilot, Chesley Sullenberger III, and the crew.

No "miracle" was involved, no matter what the governor of New York or the media says.

That didn't stop the moron, aka Edward Current, from blathering on about miracles and God's good works.

For a more thorough debunking of this moron's so-called "miracle," click here.

(h/t to Pharyngula)


moleboy said...

Wow, this may have been the stupidest thing I've seen in ages. Which, really, is saying something.

Lets bring up the idea that we often use the term 'miracle' in a colloquial sense, meaning something very outside probability or simply something very fortunate. While I am certain that some media outlets meant the term literally, I am just as certain that many meant it figuratively.

I'm actually more troubled by the whole dictionary issue. "Given its name I assume is the most correct one". Really? The english world (including the U.S.) was just using some pidgeon english until 1969?
I don't even understand this bit. Is it some sort of bizarre xenophobia? Or just plain old anti-intellectualism ("real americans don't use those hoity-toity dictionaries")? I find the latter to be paradoxical given that dictionaries are, pretty much by definition, intellectual tools.
By the time we get to 1:18 in this, we simply have to stop giving this man any authority whatsoever. Its a miracle that planes fly defying the laws of gravityism? Either he doesn't understand basic physics (lower pressure above the wing causing lift) or he simply doesn't believe in gravity (anytime theists want to degrade something, they attach 'ism' to it, as they do with evolution, calling it 'Darwinism'). If he doesn't believe in gravity, then I think he shouldn't be allowed any science at all.
No medicine for you, twitball.

Honestly, this guy gives all theists a bad name. Although, if they all believed this crap, we'd be done with them in a couple generations.

Bob Poris said...

We could have used a miracle on 9-11.

Bob Poris said...

The pilot was uniquely trained and experienced. He deserves all the credit for his actions and skills. Apparently few pilots would have performed as well.

thesuperjesus said...

At the risk of stating the obvious, Ed Current is a religious parody. He's on our side and attempts to point out how ridiculous the arguments of the faithful are by taking them all the way to their illogical conclusions.

Super J.

Chris mankey said...

"That didn't stop the moron, aka Edward Current, from blathering on about miracles and God's good works."

Looks like the moron who runs this blog doesn't understand the concept of "Satire"

Jacob said...

Chris: Oops! Mea Culpa. Sometimes this "moron" makes a mistook.

Sorry about that Chris. Hope you never do anything "moronic."

Maybe you could read more of the blog and see if there's anything to your taste and not so moronic.

thesuperjesus: See above. Like your site, by the way, and immediately bookmarked it.

moleboy said...

suckered me too, Jacob.

But the scary bit is that it did. Exactly how far from what actual religious nuts say was this guy?

Jacob said...

It's dead on. In many cases, there is no difference at all. He's nailed it.

What's really scary is the Bush administration had a bucketload of these idiots working in some important jobs, like at the DOJ, and DHS, and the EPA.

Hopefully, they've been weeded out or are being weeded out.

Obama did promise "science."

Thank god! Oops, that may be a little presumptuous.


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