Monday, January 19, 2009

Praying for a Christian Nation

[Patrick Mahoney being arrested in front of White House
while calling for Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies
of the Summer Olympics in Bejing. Photo from]

The prayer and fasting is over. The final prayer, which was to take place this morning, should be finis. Maybe Patrick J. Mahoney will go home now and take his bible-toting sycophants with him. Or not.

We do have freedom of speech in this country, and Mahoney can stand anywhere he wishes (pretty much) and pray his little heart out. He can even bring his christianist reconstructionists to Washington and stand in front of the White House and call on his god to make this country a "christianist" nation.

It's just all so stupid and boring. But it is also dangerous.

Mahony, you see, is the director of the infamous christianist outfit known as the Christian Defense Coalition.

(Have you ever noticed how so many of these extremist christianist outfits use military-sounding names? They must perceive themselves warring for their god against a godless and pagan culture, overrun with liberals, Democrats, non-Christians, and other dangerous and scary people.)

Anyway, Mahoney and a group of delusional followers have been fasting and praying for President-elect Obama for the past 19 days out in clear view of the White House as well as in their respective homes and churches.

Now, you might think: What could be wrong with that? All people of faith should be praying for President-elect Obama.

Except, and here's the kicker: Mahoney doesn't care much about Barack Obama. He would have preferred just about anyone as president other than Barack Obama. What he wants is to induce his god to force Barack Obama's hand and turn the United States into a christianist country run by christianist rules. That's what he's really praying for.

He wants Obama to ban abortion, stem-cell research, and gay rights. He wants Obama to put prayer back in the public schools, post the Ten Commandments in courthouses all over the country, place born-againers in positions of the highest responsibility, and appoint judges who will ignore the Constitution if it conflicts with the christianist viewpoint.

Mahoney was one of the three wacko "anointers" who gathered in the Capitol a few days ago to pray and "bless" the doorway through which Obama will walk to his inauguration.

The Website of the Christian Defense Coalition talks about how christianists much be "radical" and must be about "Biblical obedience."

The goal of the Christian Defense Coalition is "to see all public policies and institutions based on the principles of God's Word and the historic teaching of the Church." (My emphasis)

In other words, the Christian Defense Coalition is a subversive organization. That is clearly stated in the goal above, for such a goal could only be accomplished by abolishing or at the least, rewriting our Constitution.

May their days be numbered upon the earth.

Read this article and be afraid, be very afraid. Here's another point of view by the extremist christianist Minutemen.

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Bob Poris said...

Luckily prayers are not always answered.

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