Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AP article on Bush - not quite the truth!

The media has handled George W. Bush with kid gloves for eight years, and that warm and fuzzy treatment didn't end when the disaster president left Washington today to head home to the Lone Star state.

Here's a paragraph from an Associated Press article which described Bush's helicopter departure:

"As he left the White House for the last time Tuesday morning, Bush blew a kiss out the window of his presidential limousine, a goodbye gesture at the closing of a two-term administration that confronted the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, war and recession."

No! No! No!

George W. Bush did not "confront" any of the three: A terrorist attack, war, or recession. It would be more correct to say the following:

George W. Bush, because of his inattention and disinterest in the intelligence reports he received, was instrumental in allowing the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen. It is very likely he and his administration could have taken action that would have prevented those attacks.

Instead, after the fact, he used the 9/11 attacks to justify a variety of direct assaults on our Constitution, including the right to habeas corpus, the right of privacy, and the right to a fair trial.

George W. Bush did not "confront" a war, he started a war, preemptively invading a country under false pretenses, to protect our access to its oil , again using 9/11 as a rationale.

George W. Bush did not "confront" a recession. His policies and his appointees paved the way for the worst economic breakdown this country has seen in many moons by huge tax cuts, massive borrowing to fund war on two fronts and total disregard for financial regulation, among other things.

One wonders if things would have been different if the media had done its job over the past eight years.

Unfortunately, it did not do its job, and today, even as the coddled "cowboy" takes his long-awaited leave of the White House, the Associated Press cannot cease pandering to this most pitiful of political partisans.


Anonymous said...

wow you have a lot of stored up anger. I guess that explains why you blog about it.

Jacob said...

Wow, it's really amazing that someone might be a little angry at this nogoodnik prezident who damn near destroyed our country!

You must be damn near comatose; that why you write silly statements.


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