Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catholic Bishop denies Holocaust

This from Ruth Gledhill at Times Online.

"Bishop Richard Williamson is a hardline ultra-conservative bishop of the Society of St. Pius X. He faces possible prosecution for Holocaust denial in Germany after an interview with a reporter from Stockholm TV in which he claimed that six million Jews did not die in the Holocaust, merely a few thousand, and that the gas chambers did not exist. ... In an earlier story in the Catholic Herald, Bishop Williamson, former Anglican and a Cambridge graduate, was exposed as endorsing the forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

This report puts another crack in the relationship between the Vatican and Jewish leaders around the world. There are enough cracks in that relationship now that it won't be repaired in an easy or timely fashion.

Benedict XVI doesn't seem to be very interested in fixing it, anyway.

Read Gledhill's complete article here.

Video link for Stockholm TV interview here. (It is in English)

And another interesting story about wack job Williamson here.


moleboy said...

6 million jews dead. Plenty of records kept by the people who did the killing. Plenty of eyewitnesses.
But that, apparently, is suspect.
HOWEVER, a single book that tells of a man rising from the dead and walking around doing magic and thats enough proof for them that he was the son of god.

Jacob said...

Not only so, but the bishop is obviously anti-Semitic to the core. And, you'll recall it was those goddamn Jews that killed the bishop's favorite savior, the godman who is going to preserve his worthless soul and give him eternal life in a heavenly realm where he can sleep in his golden vestments and dream up all the shit he wants forever and ever.

Anonymous said... has a surprisingly good roundup as well, for a religious blog.

moleboy said...

As a jew (well, culturally), there's nothing I like more than being held responsible for the imaginary murder of a mythical character by people who were dead millenia before I was even born.

Anonymous said...

lay off - he's entitled to his opinion - it's up to the vatican to decide how to handle this.

what are you going to do, gas him?

Anonymous said...

he's not calling to kill jews - he's just making a statement - Nazi's were a godless socialist party, not christian. we should be looking out for godless socialists with a cult following and symbols and calls to for "civilian armies" and taking over our financial institutions and suggesting we should "spread the wealth around".

Jacob said...

I didn't say he wasn't entitled to his opinion, even if his opinion is total bullshit.

Don't need to gas the gas bag.

You were being "funny," right?


Jacob said...

Many Nazis were Christians, including Hitler and most of his top aides. Sweden and Norway are both "socialist" countries and are Christian countries.

You obviously haven't a clue as to what you're talking about.


Bob Poris said...

Sure let’s gas him. Why not?

Bob Poris said...

Bush took over the banks, remember, Obama was not President and could not do anything. He didn’t have anything to do with making Paulson take over.

The Nazis did not do away with religion. Hitler was never excommunicated and remained a Catholic. He added his picture to Bibles. Many Nazis continued to attend the church of their choice although some priests and ministers were killed. Judaism and Jews were eliminated. Christianity and Christians were allowed to follow their religions as long as they did not subvert the elected government. Although 6 million Jews were killed, over 50 million people died during the Hitler years. The Jews made up less than 9% and were less than a fraction of one percent of the world’s population.

Read your history of those years.

Anonymous said...

Being a member of any clergy, unfortunately does not make one free of prejudice or hatred.....or denial. It would be a perfect world if that were so I have met Rabbis who forbid a member of their congregation to marry outside of their faith,seethe with nothing short of hatred for Catholics.......Baptists who spit on High Church Christians.......Islamic Extremists out to kill every non Muslim. It goes on and on. This Bishop must live with his own conscience. The Vatican only wishes to unite "fall away Catholics" and is not condoning the rantings of a man who , by the way, is entitled to his opinion , which he should have kept to himself. I believe most of the world is anti-semetic but will not allow history to repeat itself and just goes on " business as usual." By the way, is it OK for the Israeli nation to kill Palistinians.........isn't that a form of Holaucaust? Or do they call is self defense?

Jacob said...

What are you saying, anon? If many clergypersons are idiots, then it's OK if this particular one is, too? Or we should ignore this idiot because there are so many like him?

The Vatican's "wishes" have nothing to do with it. The Vatican, if it is to attempt to live up to its pious proclamations of morality, must vociferously condemn hatred in the form of anti-Semitism. The Holocaust wasn't just some minor incident in the history of the human race. It was an event depicting the depth of evil to which people can sink - Christian people, I should point out. The Holocaust is the reason why belief in a god is no longer an option.

You say he's entitled to his opinion, and I've said that, too. Now, I'm not so sure. If that's his opinion, he needs to resign his clerical position, for such a position makes everything a Catholic bishop should stand for a lie.

And you're wrong about history not repeating itself. It frequently does, although in different forms.

To respond to your "By the way": You've obviously bought into the Hamas propaganda. Did you happen to see the story today how Hamas had broken into a warehouse from which they stole food and other items which were to go to Palestinians in need? Did you see the story the other day which "corrected" a previous story about the Israel's destroying a hospital?

And why aren't you concerned about the fact that Hamas has been sending rockets into Israel on a daily basis for eight years, along with suicide bombers, especially when Israel relaxed border restrictions?

I've responded to the issues you wrote about, but I'm not sure at all what point you were trying to make.

Thanks for writing, though.

Bob Poris said...

Having been to both Gaza and the Westbank, I strongly suggest that the writer visit for awhile and enjoy the way of life under Hamas and the corrupt Abbas regime. Then visit Israel for the same amount of time, preferably in Sderot. He/she can make a decision after experiencing both sides. I also have spent time in Beirut and Damascus and do not recommend either for a vacation. In any event, do not wear a cross in any visible place while wandering around in those places. It could mean life or death.

Bob Poris said...

Promoting lies is never acceptable. The facts are readily available from the Nazis’ own records, plus the testimony of all that helped liberate the camps, attended the Nuremburg trials, etc. To deny the facts makes me wonder about the motives of the deniers. The Bishop seems to accept a figure 0f 300,00 as if that is ok as long as we stay away from the six million figure. There were over 50 million deaths due to WW2 and before because of Hitler. If there were less than six million Jews, then add the six million to the non Jewish victims, if it makes anyone feel better. Frankly I believe the Bishop will burn in Hell for his views but who knows for sure.

I think Jesus, Mary and Joseph will resent him as they lived and died as Jews.

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