Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reagan and Reaganite for Obama

[Photo of Ron Reagan via Webshots]

The move of Ronald Reagan's chief of staff to Obama is "old" news, but still important for it illuminates the tragic poverty of John McCain's ideas and John McCain's campaign.

Ronald Reagan has become the icon of the frenetic kooks on the right. Thus, the "conversion" of his former chief of staff from McCain-iac to Obama-ite, is a powerful symbol of the devastation of the Bush years and the desire by such as Kenneth Duberstein to distance themselves from that wreckage. Duberstein, in announcing he would be voting for Senator Barack Obama, noted he was influenced, to some extent, by Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama.

But, like almost all the Republicans who have jumped on the Obama bandwagon, Duberstein also referred to McCain's choice for vice president. "What most Americans, I think, realize," he said, "is that you don't offer a job, let alone the vice presidency, to a person after one job interview. Even at McDonald's, you're interviewed three times before you're given a job."

In other words, McCain's first "executive" decision was an unmitigated disaster! Not a good sign!

October 31. Ron Reagan, the son of the fabled "B" movie actor and screen warrior of the right, has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

In a September interview with Worldnetdaily, Ron said he doubted that his father would have supported Sarah Palin; that he would be opposed to most of what she stands for; and implied that his father would have considered her "foreign policy" experience inadequate.

Me hopes the old man is spinning in his grave!

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Anonymous said...

We also seem to forget that Reagan, the hero, played the “Gipper” in a movie. He was not the Gripper. He also played heroes, as did John /Wayne,, but both were 4F and managed to avoid the draft during WW2 by playing heroes and receiving Medals of Freedom from other draft dodgers, for acting. Real heroes fought. Many came from Hollywood and the sports world etc. They willingly gave up fame and fortune to serve. Many were real heroes and faced combat when they could have served in the entertainment branches of the various services. They choose to serve as the common people did. They went where they were assigned. Why do we make heroes out of actors rather than real people? What are we looking for and why?
We live in a strange world of make believe, Don;’ we? We do not even know the names of our current war dead. They are brought home in secret and only their families and friends know their names! They are the cost of war, but most of us have paid no price, except the cost of magnets for our cars to show our patriotism. Where are the calls for volunteers? Who really cares what happens in Iraq or even Afghanistan enough to enlist and fight them over there so they will not fight someone over here?
Bob Poris

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