Saturday, November 1, 2008

Insane Christians pray for Palin/McCain

[Photo of Dutch Sheets]

I use the words, "Insane Christians" advisedly. "Insane" is the only word that accurately describes them! They would fit nicely back in the Dark Ages or even in Puritan New England. In the 21st century, they are simply insane!

This from neo-Pentecostal leader Dutch Sheets, who is calling for spiritual warfare to win the election for Palin/McCain:

"In 2000 we actually lost the popular vote and won the election -- talk about grace! Please pray for this grace to be released again...

"...In August of this year I predicted that September would mark a shift in momentum for these elections. This happened with the appointment of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential nominee (who is a true Esther in our generation), but when the economy began its meltdown and the media ramped up their unprecedented attacks on Palin, that momentum wasn't sustained.

"Please understand what I am saying: if we engage in this battle and do what I am asking--in mass--(sic) we will win; if we do not, we will lose. I, for one, don't intend to allow the latter. I am in Washington, D.C. now (October 20-22) with Lou Engle and a team of prayer leaders from around the nation to war for this election. Join us! Lose some sleep, miss some meals--pray! Pray like never before for these elections. And as you do, involve yourself not only in petitioning prayer but also in spiritual warfare. Use your God- given authority over the plans and strategies of satan's kingdom. Bind all witchcraft that is working to control the outcome, including occultic powers that are suppressing truth. Release Christ's Kingdom rule in every way the Holy Spirit leads you."

[Dutch Sheets is the Senior Pastor of the Freedom Church or the Springs Harvest Fellowship in Colorado Springs, Colorado (naturally -- all the crazies seem to come from Colorado Springs!). His Website touts him thusly: "He has served on the faculty of Christ for the Nations Institute, now serves as an instructor for Destiny Bible School and is a guest lecturer for Wagner Leadership Institute." Sheets is part and parcel of the apocalyptic, prophetic Pentecostal insanity to which Palin adheres.]

Steve Foss is another of these insane Christians. Back in 2000, Foss got an e-mail from god. Well, maybe not an e-mail, but a message nonetheless. God told Foss that George Bush would have a tough first term and there would be a financial collapse at the end of his second term.

Now Foss wants to let the world in on what we should expect next:

"God spoke to me that after George W. Bush, America would elect its most ungodly president ever."

It's not too late, though, if enough folks vote for God's candidate.

"...I had a vision earlier this year. I saw Barack Obama in this vision. He was speaking to a large crowd and being broadcast on television. He was speaking incredible words of unity, peace, and bringing all sides together; the words were elegant, the words were comforting, and the words were inspiring.

"But while he was speaking I saw all (sic) a powerful spirit of violence coming out of his spirit feeding into the spirits of those who were hearing him. That spirit of violence was directed at anybody who opposed what he was saying. Those who heard his words and received it had a spirit of violence being implanted inside of them. It was a rage like I have not seen before.

"It was the rage that would be unleashed against those who oppose and stand in the way of Barack Obama's agenda. We are already seeing the beginnings of this spirit manifested here in America. The vicious attacks against Sarah Palin have been unlike anything we have ever seen before. The sheer hate for this woman from people who knew nothing about her, and who claim to stand up and protect the little people, and women, has been shocking. ...

"These people who are under the influence of this demon spirit of rage desire to completely destroy this man [Joe, the plumber] because he dared to question Barack Obama ..."

Jesus' General has more. Obama has witchcraft on his side:

"Bree Keyton went and visited Obama's tribal people...

"She said Obama's grandmother sacrificed a black and a white checken to the 'goddess of the river' so both whites and blacks will vote for Obama...

"The occultists are 'weaving lazy 8's around McCain's mind to make him look confused and like an idiot.' Bree K. said we need to break these curses off of him that are being send from Kenya."

Fortunately, we have Sarah Palin, god's Wonder Woman!

"Just a few minutes ago Eleanor Roehl, a powerful Eskimo intercessor and prophet, called me to say she senses an imminent attack against our nation...

"She received the scripture Gen. 50:3, 'A period of NATIONAL MOURNING.' She then saw Sarah Palin standing alone and she was mantled with the American flag. The flag was upside down because things are inverted (upside down) right now. I knew she was stepping into an office that she was mantled for."

If you're wondering about Bree Keyton, she was once shot in the head. Maybe that explains it. You can learn more of Eleanor Roehl and the crazy loons she associates with here. There's more background on Christian insanity here. And here you can learn exactly who some of the other nutcases are.

All of this, is, in the words of Dutch, sheeeeit!

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Anonymous said...

Why don’t these wonderful people, with God’s ear ever pray for peace on earth and goodwill to all men ( and women too)? Why don’t they pray for the poor people in Darfur to survive and prosper? Why do they think that God is interested only in the USA, with its freedoms to have choices re abortion, drinking, homosexual activates, gambling ,failed marriages, violence, drug abuse, spousal abuse, children abuse, and all the immoral acts known to exist in our beloved land?

If their prayers are more important than all others, why not use them to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of people? Don’t they trust God to weed out the undeserving? Do they believe He only listens to them? How did they suddenly become the “chosen people”? What happened to God’s free will in making His choices as He sees fit? Does God answer to them or vice versa? Does God answer to anyone?

Let’s get a little logical and try to find the answers. Otherwise, we are subjected to victimization by every phony with a voice that manages to get into your pocket books or your pants or your mind. Did it ever occur to these guys that God has allowed a host of religions and philosophies to prosper and grow everywhere on earth? Christianity is not the only one that believes in some form of God. Which one is the one God endorses is the question but who knows the answer? He also allows Atheists, agnostics, Ignostics and all sorts of other philosophies to co exist on earth. Why does he need these nuts? Please someone enlighten me as to which is the true religion? I am confused.
Bob Poris

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