Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin the prevaricator

Sarah Palin, the Christian theocrat who believes God has ordained her to be not only the governor of Alaska, but the president of the United States in these "end-times," has, as we have noted numerous times before, no ethical core.

In other words, she knows not the truth, nor does she care about the truth. She is one of those so-called "Christians" for whom the end justifies the means. If her god fails to respond to the "prayer warriors" pleading for her victory, and is unable to put her a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, she will just have to help out her god.

Thus, on Sunday, she repeated for the third time the lie that Senator Barack Obama has rented a stadium in which to hold a victory celebration following the election.

"...the stadium that he's already rented out for what he would hope to be his victory party that he's planned," cried Palin to the crowd which responded with boos.

There's nothing wrong with renting out a stadium, of course. But that's not what Palin was about. When you have no program or proposals to attract voters, you're left with only one possible road to victory - the low road - which Palin walks with ease: You attack the character of your opponent.

Thus, Palin repeats this lie in an attempt to portray Obama, in the words of Scott Conroy of CBS News, as "arrogant and presumptuous."

Palin knows, however, that she is telling a lie. Obama never rented out a stadium. He intends to hold a post-election celebration in Chicago, at Hutchinson Field at the south end of Grant Park.

Palin is a prevaricator.

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