Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John McCain fighting - but going down!

[Photo of McCain supporters waiting to be roused]

From telegraph.co.uk news:

"In heated exchanges the Republican presidential candidate made clear that he will not tolerate the blame game that some of his aides have engaged in over the last week as Barack Obama retains a comfortable lead in national and swing state polls.

"Mr. McCain's aides have been labelled 'incontinent' for leaks last week that revealed failing morale in his inner circle and mutual recrimination about his lacklustre campaign. Mr. McCain has now rolled out a defiant new stump speech in Colorado, where he roused a 5,000 strong crowd with a call to arms, making clear that if he to to go down, he will go down fighting."

Several things:

How can you run anything BUT a lacklustre campaign when you have a lacklustre candidate? The only people really excited about John McCain seem to be the racists and haters, the anti-gays and super-Christians who see McCain, not as a viable candidate, but the only one to stop the "Muslim terrorist" Obama who, they fear, will bring an end to the American way of life [read "white rule"].

It is never good to blame the people (many of which are volunteers) when things go wrong. McCain should shoulder the blame himself and express sympathy for those who have worked all these months to see it all go up in flames.

Obama, without any recruiting, attracted 100,000 people to a rally in Denver, and seemed almost stunned by the turnout. McCain, the lacklustre candidate, "roused a 5,000 strong crowd" -- soporific, no doubt, from reading McCain campaign literature.

I really don't care how McCain goes down -- sleeping, scratching, clawing, crying, fighting -- just so long as he goes down!

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Anonymous said...

I regret the exposure McCain has recieved. He once was a hero and role model. Now, as we watched him waver all over the place; his real record exposed, etc. We see him as he has been over the last few years. He accepted humiliation form his own party during his earlier attempts at the Presidency. I could not believe he did not fight back! He then joined hsi detractors. That is not the hero, I respected once upon a time. Familiarity does breed contempt! I wish he had really remained a maverick. I could have voted for him under some circumstances. It is sad to see a hero become just another old man.
Bob Poris

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