Monday, October 27, 2008

Barack went to Denver...

Senator Barack Obama went to Denver, Denver's Civic Center Park.

ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people showed up to see him and hear him speak about hope and politics without fear, and the kinds of changes which will provide "real" Americans -- that's all of us -- the opportunity to once again live in peace upon the land and share in the American dream.

Meanwhile, John McCain, in a TV interview with his dear friend and defender, Tom Brokaw, said the McCain/Palin ticket was going to win this election. McCain was serious. I think. It's hard to tell, because those hard, black eyes keep blinking and twitching and staring into space, and his face goes through myriads of contortions...

Then, right after the interview with Brokaw, McCain stepped outside to be greeted by a throng of two and a half, quite rumpled, people. They held up little tin cups. McCain shoved past them, knocking them to the ground, got into his limousine and drove away.

Nah...I made that last part up. Just funnin' folks. You know, like a real Amurrican.

But it could have happened that way.

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