Sunday, October 26, 2008

The McCain Campaign unravels and Palin's a "rogue"

A "rogue" is an "unprincipled person; a scoundrel."

One of McCain's campaign aides called Sarah Palin a rogue or said she was "going rogue." Same difference.

Those who work in the McCain camp are turning on each other. Some of McCain's campaign workers, seeing the writing on the wall, have sent their resumes off to other, more attractive enterprises.

According to a report by AOL News (written by CNN reporters Dana Bash, Peter Hamby, Ed Hornick and John King), McCain's people are "frustrated" because Palin "has gone off message several times," e.g., on McCain's decision to pull out of Michigan, and on robo calls. There is some concern that she may have decided this campaign is over, and she's prepping herself for a future run at the White House.

One McCain "source" said: "She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone. She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else."

Whew! That's heady stuff.

Palin's associates disagree, naturally, and say that Palin feels she was "mismanaged" from the beginning and she's merely trying to take control of "her message." But why should "her message" be different from McCain's message?

According to the CNN people who wrote the article, this kind of infighting is not new and they cite several campaigns in recent memory where similar things happened.

That does, not, however, mitigate the fact that the McCain campaign is a mess. Or as one "senior adviser" told CNN: "This is what happens with a campaign that's behind, it brings out the worst in people fingerpointing and scapegoating."

It does? This is inevitable? I don't think so. I think it shows McCain's choice of Palin was disastrous. It think it shows McCain's own people have lost faith in him. I think it shows their loyalty may not have been all that strong to begin with. McCain has always gathered people around him because of what he could do for them, e.g., lobbyists - and his campaign is stacked with lobbyists!

It appears McCain's going to lose this election big-time. McCain will not longer represent a means to the Federal treasury. Their source of goodies is going down the tubes, and the rats are deserting the sinking ship, blaming one another for the looming disaster.

Sure is fun to see, though.

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Anonymous said...

At last they are allowing her to speak out. This is a free country after all.

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