Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama - HOPE IS IN THE AIR!

Tonight, in an absolutely superb documentary, Senator Barack Obama held up before the American people and the world, not merely his agenda as president, but hope for a country clutched in the grip of despair.

This intelligent, articulate, educated gentleman provided us a closer look at what it is that makes him so special.

In the video there were no slurs or smears against John McCain or Sarah Palin. While he did refer to the past eight deplorable years, he didn't attack the character of George W. Bush. In place of smears, he showed us what he is made of, what his priorities are, and specifically how he planned to put those priorities into actions that will benefit, not just the wealthiest among us or the global corporations, but all of us -- the American people -- in particular, the middle-class.

Senator Obama showed us that he understands what we, as regular folks, are going through. His background and his struggle to overcome the many obstacles in his way to manhood, to an education, to a career, is different from most of us, not in substance, but merely in specifics. Senator Obama is one of us in a very real sense; born, not to wealth or position, but a child of the heartland; reared in the values of his faith by people of conscience who loved and served their country.

The contrast between the Obama/Biden ticket and the McCain/Palin ticket could not have been drawn any sharper. For months, we have heard nothing but slanderous lies from both John McCain and Sarah Palin. In almost every speech by each of them, they have spuriously attacked the character of Barack Obama. As for policy proposals, we've heard "Drill, baby, drill!" and "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," and not a whole lot else.

There is no doubt that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents in our history. The past eight years have been a time of darkness, of deceit, of concealment, of constitutional derailment, of judicial calamity, of financial catastrophe and of human despair. We've lived with a government that has governed in the shadows, has shredded our constitution, has preemptively invaded a sovereign country under false pretenses, and has spilled the blood of literally millions of people for no good reason.

Tonight Senator Barack Obama showed us a way back to the light, a way to dissipate the darkness. It was glorious! It was splendiforous!



Anonymous said...

Let us hope tht the bigots will stay home and all the supporters of Obama actually vote and their votes are counted. It is not over until it is over! I still worry aout all the single issue vpoters. Race is a single issue for some still and we have no real way of knowing until the ounting is over. For all thioase that [pray, continue to do so.Go Vote!!!!
Bob Poris

Christian said...

Please, it was a "documentary" in format only--at least call it what is was: at best an informercial, at worst propaganda (this was paid and sponsored by a campaign).

The infomercial said nothing but platitudes and ideals, and your summary echos as much. What are these specific plans this informercial outlined? Who is going to pay for all these programs and hand-ups?

Regarding character; One's actions are more telling than one's words--that's why there's the addage "words are cheap". Voting record, action or inaction, and one's associations all help to define a man's character. Since we don't know how a man will react in future situations, we can either judge him on his character or get swept up in his words.

To use a famous African American's words, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Okay, Barak, we are not judging you based on the color of your skin, but on the content of your character, and you are found lacking. The other campaign is well justified in bringing attention to this character, and gives me pause in letting this man run our country.

I'm still praying for you, Jacob.

Anonymous said...

Christian is worried about what Obama might do, with or without Congressional approval, which is difficult at best. In the meantime, he doesn’t seem to be concerned about what the Republicans ACTUALLY DID DURING THEIR FOURTEEN YEARS OF CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. THEY NATIONALIZED THE BANKS AND THAT IS SOCIALISTIC! They want to bail out the auto industry which also screwed up royally. They want to help GM buy Chrysler. Daimler lost their shirt with Chrysler but it was their shirt to lose. Why should the taxpayer bail out an industry that sat idly by as foreigners out- marketed them and took away business any fool could see was to be taken away from bloated American companies with million dollar bonuses and not enough for money or foresight for research and development while the Japanese and Koreans built better cars, cheaper than we did.

I think the Republicans are bad businesspeople. They are good at making money, moving paper around for big profits but produce little in the way of goods and jobs. Now other governments are subsidizing their industry, their educational systems, their exports, etc, while we sink lower in many areas. Who will our children work for and what kind of jobs will they have?

Bob Poris

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