Friday, October 31, 2008

Michelle Bachmann - Minnesota moron without morals

Michelle Bachmann, the moronic U.S. Rep from Minnesota is a "born-again" Christian, and a "true" follower of Jesus. Just ask her.

She is also a moron without morals. Just listen to her speak.

Somehow the connection between her legendary Jesus and the truth got disconnected. Or, what's more likely is that the truth never mattered to Michelle. She may be simply one more representative of those Republican "Christians" for whom the ends justify the means. If you believe your views are god's views, then anything goes.

Michelle the moron said some nasty things awhile back. She suggested that Barack Obama might be "anti-American," and that he palled around with "anti-Americans." That was stupid enough, but she went on to suggest that some members of Congress were "anti-American," and should be investigated for disloyalty to our country. She wasn't able to name any "anti-Americans" in Congress, however.

Since that time, her opponent in Minnesota, Ed Tinklenberg, has raised $1.8 million from donors all over the country to help him defeat the Minnesota Moron. Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake says "That's more in one quarter than any House candidate has raised in any race this year."

The Minnesota Moron is worried. So, like all "good" Republicans, she attacked the character of her opponent. She said that when Tinklenberg "ran" the Minnesota Department of Transportation, "officials called up their cronies and offered them contracts, unbid contracts." In one of her ads she claims that "The Star Trib said he broke the law. And federal authorities called it 'tainted.'"

Ms. Hamsher notes that "MnDot officials hired outside consultants without required approval from the Department of Administration. They also violated a requirement to have project funding in place before signing a contract. But the stories did not claim Tinklenberg broke the law" as per the claim by Moron.

Additionally, says Ms. Hamsher, the Office of the Legislative Auditor checked out the contract and in a 2003 report criticized MnDot but also five other state agencies "for not always following state statutes, guidelines or effective management principles."

"But," Ms. Hamsher notes, "the report did not suggest any crimes were committed, and Tinklenberg's name was never mentioned."

Minnesota Moron lied again!

One of the nice things about being a Minnesota Moron is you can say pretty much whatever your little mind comes up with and actually believe you are making sense.

Again, from Jane Hamsher: "Bachmann is also taking credit for falling gas prices."

Here's what the Minnesota Moron with the small brain said:

"Gas was $2.04 a gallon today and that was my goal when I started out earlier this year. My goal was to have us get to $2 ... today in the district it's $2.04 so we're almost there."

Yup. Michelle Bachmann, the Minnesota Moron, brought down the price of gasoline in her Minnesota district.


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