Thursday, October 16, 2008

Value-less Republicans

Ed O'Keefe of the WaPo writes of a conservative (Republican) political action committee known as "Our Country Deserves Better."

This value-less group of Repugnicans has begun running an ad in several states, including Colorado, Nevada and Michigan, "that, among other things, seeks to associate Barack Obama with terrorist leaders and groups. The ad is one of at least eight by the group that use a series of already-debunked claims ... and also broadcasts remarks by Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom the McCain campaign has ruled off limits."

Here's what one ad says: "Barack Obama seems to have different values from most Americans. His supporters put up Cuban flags with the murderer leftist Che Guevarra in Obama's campaign offices." They call this the "Wrong Values" ad, which also claims that "Obama's campaign received $33,000 in illegal donations from Palestinians living in the Middle East. A top official of the terrorist group Hamas endorsed Obama's campaign." Then there's a clip of Wright saying "God damn America."

There's much more of this same crap.

The implication in all of them is that "they" have the right "values," and Obama's has the wrong "values."

Actually, the only thing "right" about any of this is that these creeps have no values at all. They can go to hell with all the rest of the racist, bigots out there supporting John McSame and Sarah "Pit Bull" Palin.

Our country surely deserves better than the likes of any of these morally-impaired guttersnipes!

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