Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain pals around with domestic terrorist, G. Gordon Liddy

[Photo of domestic terrorist, G. Gordon Liddy]

Our thanks to Glenn Greenwald at Salon.com for what follows.

Some background on G. Gordon Liddy:

1. Went to prison for 4 1/2 years as a result of his involvement in the burglaries at the Watergate apartment complex and the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychologist.

2. He said he was prepared to kill during the Ellsberg break-in if necessary.

3. Plotted to kill the reporter, Jack Anderson.

4. Plotted with a mobster to murder Howard Hunt to stop an investigation.

5. Plotted to firebomb the Brookings Institution.

6. At the Republican Convention in 1972 "He used Nazi terminology to outline a plan to kidnap 'leftist guerillas.'"

In the 1990s, Liddy:

1. Told his radio audience how to shoot agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms -- shoot them in the head as they'll be wearing bulletproof vests. "Kill the sons of bitches," urged Liddy.

2. During the Clinton years, Liddy bragged about naming his shooting targets after the Clintons.

The Liddy-McCain connection

1. Since 1998, Liddy has donated $5K to McCain's campaigns. His latest donation was $1K in February 2008.

2. McCain was a guest on Liddy's radio show back in May 2008. Greenwald tells of an online video of "John McCain On The G. Gordon Liddy 11/8/07," which has Liddy describing McCain as his "old friend." McCain praised Liddy's "adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great," and noted that he was "proud" of Liddy.

3. In 2000, McCain backed Liddy's son in a run for congress.

4. Liddy has hosted a fundraiser for McCain at his own home.

Greenwald references Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune who wrote,

"Liddy, now a conservative radio host, has never expressed regret for this attempt to subvert the Constitution. Nor has he developed any respect for the law ... Yet none of this bothers McCain. Liddy has contributed thousands of dollars to his campaigns, held a fundraiser for McCain at his home and hosted the senator on his radio show, where McCain said, 'I'm proud of you.' Exactly which part of Liddy's record is McCain proud of?

"While Obama has gotten lots of scrutiny for his connection to Ayers, McCain has never had to explain his association with Liddy. If he can't defend it, he should admit as much. If he thinks he can defend it, let him."

Mr. Greenwald notes with interest the fact that in 2008, there were 4,500 news reports that mentioned Obama and Ayers. There were less than 100 that mentioned McCain and Liddy.

That ought to change. Get the news out to your friends and neighbors. Write to your newspapers. Call your TV stations. Send a note to the Obama campaign suggesting that if McCain brings up Ayers at the debate tomorrow night, Obama should blast him for his association with an unrepentant and active domestic terrorist, G. Gordon Liddy!

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Anonymous said...

This is a real terroist but he is a Republican, so it doesn't count.
Bob Poris

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