Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin and McCain, the two stooges

It just gets funnier and funnier.

Well, not really. Actually, when you remember these two clowns are running for president (yes, I said that right - ol' John may not have realized it yet, though), it's not so funny at all. It's actually scary.

Here's how this particular "comedic" skit played out (Courtesy of Glenn Kessler of the WaPo).

You'll recall how, not too long ago, our leader, Prezident Bush, said that North Korea was one of the countries on his shit-list. Well, what he really said was that North Korea was part of the infamous "Axis of Evil."

We've gone back and forth relative to North Korea since then, and it's hard to know at any given moment if North Korea is still part of the Axis of Evil or if it has reformed and is now in line to become one of the good countries or if it is backsliding into Axis of Evil status. The situation changes rather quickly.

The Prez decided that he would remove North Korea from the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism. Why would Bush do that? Because North Korea, feeling the effects of famine - which is nothing new - has agreed to allow non-North Koreans into the country to verify it is in process of dismantling its nuclear weapons programs.

Do you suppose Bush consulted with member of Congress before taking this step?

When the so-called "hero" of the Hanoi Hilton (where he spilled his guts and the beans to the North Vietnamese), John McCain, heard about the prez's decision, he wasn't too happy. According to the WaPo, "McCain said it was unclear whether the verification plan would allow for a full exploration of Pyongyang's nuclear programs and that he was distressed at how Asian allies such as Japan were not consulted during the negotiations. In essence, McCain said, he could not yet support the decision."

When Palin heard about the prez's decision, however, which was yesterday (Saturday), she was even more enthusiastic than Barack Obama. Obama said it was an "'appropriate response' to a modest advance in the negotiations. Palin said that Bush had made a "wise decision."

Palin, in Altoona, Pennsylvania, put it this way:

"[Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice, of course, having worked on this strategy for quite some time, I have faith in her that they're making this wise decision and North Korea, of course, better live up to its end of the bargain there, in speaking with the other countries whom they've been working with, in promising the verification. That end of the bargain has got to be lived up to."

Huh? Another totally incoherent statement from the vice presidential nominee! She actually cannot string a few sentences together in a way they make sense! Incredible!

What's even more incredible is that she contradicted her running mate or the guy who's rapidly becoming her second-in-command. McCain said, in effect, about the North Korea decision, "Whoa, this is too much too fast and I'm not sure it's justified and I can't support the decision at this point."

Palin said it's a wise decision.

Those are the facts.

The McCain camp must have had a few words with the Palin camp. And the Palin camp fell back on their tried-and-true method of pretending a lie is the truth and whatever they say will be automatically accepted by the hoi polloi 'cause their candidate believes in Jesus and is going to heaven when she dies.

Here's what Palin spokeswoman, Tracey Schmitt said in a statement released today:

"On North Korea, Governor Palin's position is identical to Senator McCain's: the verification steps are not sufficient to date to warrant North Korea's removal for the state sponsors of terror list. ... Governor Palin does not believe it was a wise decision ..." Blah, blah, blah.

Palin said it was a "wise decision." The Palin camp says no, she really believes whatever the hell McCain believes.

Sheesh, what a bunch of morons. And they want us to let them run the country!

Pretty soon we'll hear how Palin can see North Korea from Alaska and that makes her an expert on North Korea and she's visited North Korea a half a dozen times already, and knows just about everything there is to know about the, that's not right. She knows all about North Korea's energy program because energy is her area of "expertise."

Methinks this is one hockey mom who play hookey when she should have been cracking the books.

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone bothering to listen to her still? She obviously still knows nothing but is positive about it all. If people haven’t made up their minds by now, they are brain dead.

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