Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Republican sleazebags in Sacramento, California

[Poster on right from Sacramento Republican site]

To call Republicans unprincipled is an oxymoron.

Consider the oxymoronic Republican Party morons in Sacramento, California.

On their official web site was posted material that linked Senator Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden "and encouraged people to 'Waterboard Barack Obama.'"

This was the work of the county party chairman, Craig MacGlashan, who also happens to be the hubby of Roberta MacGlashan, a Sacramento County Supervisor. Craig was not remorseful about what he had done. The Sacramento Bee records him as saying, "I'm aware of the content. Some people find it offensive, other do not. I cannot comment on how people interpret things."

Well, how does he interpret material that suggests Obama and Osama are linked? The whole point of such material is to convince the unconvinced that Obama is some kind of terrorist. To suggest there's another interpretation is utterly stupid!

The really bad stuff was taken down yesterday. Now you will find a spate of quite offensive cartoons about Obama, along with other crap. Lies and distortions are the bread and butter of the McCain campaign and the Sacramento Republicans are on the McCain train.

And these people claim to represent the "values" voters.

I wouldn't suggest that all Republicans are psychopaths, but it sure seems that way sometimes!

Check it out here.

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Anonymous said...

One must wonder why known “terrorists”, using their own name openly, for sixty years, are able to escape Homeland Security and the fury of a powerful Senator for so many years. I guess Ayers and eight year old Obama were never really a threat to the USA, even tho the Palin. McCain ticket has recently discovered these terrorists. It is like McCain knowing where Osama is and how to catch him but not telling anyone. Why not? Too bad we are a country of laws. I would have tried Ayers back when he was doing terrible things. He should have been caught then tried, convicted and punished. That is how our law is supposed to work. As for the audience member at the Palin/McCain speech when a man shouted to kill Obama, that man should have been arrested on the spot as a terrorist trying to incite murder!!!! Do they know what they are doing! We could use real Terrorist haters and killers in the Army particularly, in Afghanistan where we need boots on the ground. Why don’t these guys enlist and go after the real bad guys that are terrorists now, today. Where are the patriots and why aren’t they in uniform? When do we see posters telling us that Uncle Sam needs us to save the Middle East for democracy, on our bucks. When do our draft evading leaders ask for real sacrifice? Haven’t our volunteers done more than their fair share? Is there a Bush or Cheney family member in uniform yet? I guess their families do not really believe I n their version of our fight for our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Bob Poris

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