Saturday, October 18, 2008

Republican hate - California style

We've previously ranted about an official Republican hate site in Sacramento, California. And we've pointed out a Republican group that is airing despicable hate-filled anti-Obama ads in other areas of the country. And we've taken notice of all the hate-filled people at McCain and Palin rallies.

But these particular slices of Republican life reveal only the tip of the iceberg -- a small fraction of the kind of hatred that advocates of McCain/Palin harbor in their hearts.

Here's one more incident from the tip.

Back to California. The culprit is Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated, headed by Diane Fedele. The most recent issue of this organization's newsletter featured an illustration of a $10 food stamp with Barack Obama's face on a donkey body. He is shown eating fried chicken, ribs and watermelon - which is, of course, an obvious connect to old, racist smears.

The newsletter warns that if Obama gains the White House, his image will appear on food stamps rather than on one dollar bills like other presidents.

Like most of her cohorts, Fedele claims innocence. Gee whiz, we didn't mean anything bad about it. There was nothing racial about it. "I never connected," said Diane, "It was just food to me. It didn't mean anything else."

Nothing like racist, bigoted Republican women who are also inveterate liars!

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Anonymous said...

These bigots and cowards willingly send off people of color to fight their wars but hate them. They are not all sending their kids off to fight for our freedom over there, so we will not have to fight them over here. Bull shit. They will not fight here either as long as they can get someone else to do it for them. Where are all the patriots that insist we win this war? Our generals, including Petraeus is begging Bush for more men in Afghanistan because we do not have the manpower to protect our undermanned outposts. We lose American kids every single day! Have you heard a single Republican Politician asking for people to enlist because they are needed? I haven’t. Few of our leaders have any family in service! Name a few if you can. Why are their kids not in this fight if they believe it is crucial to our freedom here. I have traveled parts of the Middle East, and other than Israel, there is no democracy that even likes the US and none that would help us in a pinch. What a bunch of wimps and cowards!
Can you imagine a person shouting out to kill Obama at a rally! I hope the FBI took his name and number and put him away for a long time. Hate will not bring us together. WW2 was won because everyone was involved! I guess my generation believed our cause was just and we were willing to fight for it. We are hoping the poor and uneducated ( and people of color) will do it for us this time and hope our neighbors’ kids are willing to die for us. How cowardly! We sit by and listen to Limbaugh, who never served either. Why do we listen to the bad guys? Are there no patriots left or are they all in uniform, dead or in Veterans’ hospitals? Thank them and mean it. They are doing our job for us and deserve our help, not words. Enlist or encourage your kids to do so, if you dare.
Bob Poris

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