Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin vs. Walter Monegan

[Photo of Walter Monegan from Time magazine]

She said she was found innocent, although the report specifically accused her of abusing her power.

And it ain't over yet. The man she fired, Walter Monegan, at the time Alaska's Public Safety Commissioner, wants to clear his name and has requested the state personnel board give him a chance to do so.

Palin originally said she fired Monegan because she wanted the public safety department to go in a "new direction." Later, she changed her mind and said she fired Monegan because he had a "rogue mentality," was insubordinate, did not cooperate on the budget and took an unauthorized trip to Washington, D.C. to seek federal money.

Monegan claims that Palin's accusations are false, that he has been defamed, that his reputation has been "severely damaged," and his "ability to pursue future professional employment in law enforcement and related fields" has been impaired."

In addition, according to the Anchorage Daily News, "Monegan said the governor never complained about his job performance. His filing with the personnel board contains documents backing up his arguments -- that he was cooperating on the budget and that the trip to pursue funding to fight sexual assault was in close coordination with the governor's office."

Monegan's hearing request included a statement which argued that even though the governor has the right to fire commissioners, she did not have the right to attack him falsely to justify removing him from his job. "The evidence, combined with the governor's changing, inconsistent and implausible explanations, strongly suggests that Mr. Monegan was terminated because he refused to fire Wooten, not because of any supposed failing in his performance as a commissioner."

Monegan's argument was, actually, given credence by the so-called Troopergate report.

The question is, who do you believe: Walter Monegan or Sarah Palin? Which of these two people has a history of lying?

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Anonymous said...

I hope he sues her in Civil Court and wins big!!
Bob Poris

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