Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin's "Christianity" at work in Alaska

Much of the following comes from an article by Bruce Wilson at talk2action.

Last year, in December, Sarah Palin appointed a guy named the Rev. Patrick Donelson to the Alaska State Suicide-Prevention Council. Donelson was then president of an outfit called Carry the Cure, Inc., supposedly "a suicide prevention nonprofit."

Sarah was involved with the organization to the extent she was "listed as actively serving on the advisory board..." Neither she nor Donelson are listed on the board at the present time.

Oops! Carry the Cure's tax returns for the years 2000 to 2006 indicate that its "organizational mission" was not suicide prevention at all, but "Religious - Evangelism. Wilson says that "from 2003 onward those tax returns suggest that the Alaska state suicide prevention grant money which Carry the [Cure] received was being used primarily for evangelizing, with suicide prevention as a secondary priority."

When Palin appointed Donelson, she noted that he was qualified because of his suicide prevention work with Carry the Cure, Inc.

Wilson tells us that Donelson's ministry web site is full of interesting stuff. "Christians can learn to raise the dead, and effect miraculous healing." Donelson also promotes the belief "that a Christian end-time army will cleanse the earth of evil."

There are four things to note here:

1) There is a conflict of interest. Palin served on the board of Carry the Cure, which means, at the least, that she had a personal involvement with the organization and that she agreed with the organization's mission of evangelism.

2) Carry the Cure, Inc., has, for years, been blatantly misusing Alaska state money "to promote a highly sectarian and controversial interpretation of Christianity."

3) Palin is complicit in this misuse of state funds because she knows Donelson, knows what Donelson stands for and as a board member, knew damn well that Donelson was using state funds for evangelism, not suicide prevention.

4) Donelson's theology fits neatly with Palin's own theology as expressed by the extremist nonsense peddled by the churches with which she was and is affiliated. Her actions in this instance are consistent with her view that she was selected by God to be governor of Alaska, and part of her job is to do God's will as she understands it.

Hmmm. Is this Patrick Donelson the same one who runs a fishing business out of Wasilla? Click here. Yes, it is. Click here. Makes one wonder if there's more here than initially meets the eye. Pat Donelson's website and personal testimony here along with your personal invitation to accept Jesus into your heart and be saved, is here.

Carry the Cure here. And here.

Palin's appointment of Donelson here. (Scroll down)

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