Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boo Hoo Sarah

It is my understanding that the person who drops the puck at a Philadelphia Flyers hockey game is generally received with a certain amount of booing.

Last night, Sarah Palin, being invited by the right-wing owner of the Flyers to drop the ceremonial puck, was greeted with a chorus of boos that overwhelmed whatever noise her supporters tried to make.

Fox News edited out most of the booing and claimed she received a "mixed" welcome. The Associated Press and CNN also referred to this "mixed" welcome. All in the name of "fairness," of course. Give the POW a break, for Christ's sake!

I've seen the videos. There was nothing "mixed" about it. Sarah Palin was just about booed off the ice by the fans.

What's really sad about his miserable excuse for a human being is that earlier in the day she told a group at a fundraiser that she would stop some of the booing from those nasty Philadelphia fans by putting Piper, her 7-year old daughter, in a Flyers jersey. "How dare they boo Piper!" she said.

She USED her daughter to ward off the nastiness. Didn't work.


The Rangers won the game 4-3.


ven said...

first she gets her wisdom from a coffee cup (there's a place in hell for women who don't support other women), and now she uses her daughter so she won't get booed? real smart.

Anonymous said...

Hocky fans know how to judge character! She is a disgrace and McCain has disgraced his once proud image as an honest man. Too bad. We can always use a little deserved hero worship. We lost one this election year.There is no shame in losing a battle well fouht! There is shame in a battle lost without honor.
Bob Poris

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