Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update - McCain praises Sarah selling plane on eBay

Yo, Repugnicans! Are you sure you want this man to be prez?

Yesterday, September 5, after everybody in the world had reported Sarah's lie about selling the plane on eBay, John McCain still hadn't gotten the word.

(He doesn't know how to use the Internet, so maybe that's the problem?)

You remember: In her "acceptance" speech she said "That luxury jet was over the top. I put it on eBay."

Anyway you look at it, the implication slaps you in the face: she sold the damn thing on eBay. But she didn't and what happened is explained here.

Everyone in the world knows the story - except for John McCain - who, in relating Sarah's tall tale once again, said:

"You know what I enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on eBay -- made a profit."

Not so, John! She didn't sell it on eBay and she lost a half million of Alaska's taxpayer dollars! Hello? Anyone home?

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