Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obama gets it!

What did you hear at the Republican National Convention last night?

For awhile, I thought I had tuned into the Christian Republican Party. Rachael Lampa, a Christian singer/songwriter, was whining through a schmaltzy tune, grimacing at all the right times, and people were praying "In Jesus name," and everyone waved their little American flags. God must be so proud!

Then we heard all about how John McCain was a POW in Vietnam--a truly boring narration by Fred Thompson, the movie actor, who rambled on and on in detail as to how John suffered and yet remained steadfast to the end.

In fact, the evening's theme was "John McCain was a POW and therefore, John McCain should be president."

Barack Obama was campaigning in Ohio. He hit the nail on the head again. The Los Angeles Times says that while Obama was speaking to a small group of supporters "at a college campus in New Philadelphia, Ohio" he suggested that McCain and the Republicans just don't get it!

"You did not hear a single word about the economy," said Senator Obama. "Not once did people mention the hardships that folks are going through. Not once did they mention what are we going to do about keeping jobs here in Ohio. Not once did they mention what are we going to do about all these retirees that are losing their pensions. Not once did they mention how are we going to make sure Social Security is there for the next generation.

"The other party and John McCain don't get it."

That's a bit disengenuous, me thinks, although right on target. How are those poor Republicans going to talk about the dismal economy when they are the ones responsible for it? The loss of jobs and thus pensions is the result of their economic policies over the past almost eight years.

The fact of the matter is that they have nothing so say to the American people except that John McCain was a POW and "let us pray."

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