Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin a no-show at Republican pro-life bash

[New York Times photo]

The Republican National Coalition for Life is a right-wing, anti-abortion group that claims old Eagle Forum poohbah, Phyllis Schlaffy as leader.

The RNCL held a bash last night in honor of Palin. "The purpose of the event is to honor Palin for being a political figure who 'not only talks-the-talk, but walks-the-walk' when it comes to putting life first."

It was to have been a glorious, patriotic time, with flags waving and a bar. These Republicans know how to party! Everyone was so excited that the Republican Party Platform now includes the notion that a fetus is a person and should be accorded all the rights as a real, live human being.

About 800 people, paying $95 per, were to attend.

But Palin cancelled. At the last minute!

Schlaffy was pissed. Those pro-life folks who forked out $95 bucks to hear Palin are not going to be happy, she said.

Schlaffy is blaming McCain. "I am certainly going to say that it was McCain that canceled."

The question is why did Palin (or McCain) cancel? Has Palin been getting too much press, leaving poor old John in the dust? Were they afraid that Palin would say something really dumb? Did they think any pro-life remarks by Palin would further alienate the millions of pro-choice women whom they hope to attract?

Only the gods know.

(They did have a protester, though - see photo - who seemed to get what it means to be "pro-life" better than the yahoos who were in attendance).

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Anonymous said...

Give her time so we can get to know and love her as McCain does. I think the press should leave her alone so she can gain more information as to what her job entails and how to answer questions, etc.
Bob Poris

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