Thursday, September 4, 2008

Did Palin violate Army security regulations?

You expect a mom to be proud of her children. She might even show off a pregnant unwed teenage daughter and the hockey jock who did the deed in front of the entire world. And you might rightly call attention to the fact that your oldest son has joined the military to become a warrior on behalf of his country.

What you shouldn't do is violate security procedures and put your son and his comrades at risk.

Palin has on at least two occasions, including in her speech last night, notified the entire world (including, presumably, the terrorists lurking therein) that her son, Track, will be deploying to Iraq on September 11.

It is too bad that his hockey mom mayor turned hockey mom governor doesn't know about OPSEC or Operational Security.

She also doesn't know the difference between deploying and preparing to deploy.

Jon Soltz at Daily Kos did some digging and found that "disclosing the date of deployment is against Operational Security (OPSEC) and illegal."

He also discovered that Track is not deploying on September 11. "He may be part of a deployment ceremony that day, before going to Kuwait, though one Public Affairs Officer said that any details of the upcoming ceremony hadn't been made public yet by the military."

Soltz also points out that Palin should have known enough to shut up. But she didn't. Yet she has the chutzpah to stand in front of the world and pretend she is qualified to be commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces!

You see, the Army doesn't want anyone to know where their soldiers are going. "It only serves to aid the enemy to kow where our troops are moving."

Commander-in-chief my ass!

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r0sanegra said...

I definitely think so, since my husband was a part of the brigade preparing to go.

She put my husband's safety and our overall well-being and happiness in jeopardy by opening her big mouth.

So what if her son is going? It doesn't give her any more right to let the world know than the thousands of wives and other family members who can't even tell their friends and extended family anything until after-the-fact.

Not being able to call my mom until I knew my husband was in Kuwait killed me. Having the entire world know about when he was leaving anyway? That pissed me off.

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