Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain hires Eskew and sells his soul again!

I've said from the beginning that John McCain would sell his soul, hell, maybe even his mother, to become president!

That became evident when he began running around the country kissing the asses of those whom he once called "agents of intolerance," but had, because of their political clout, become "angels of deliverance." No doubt McCain thought they could help deliver to him the White House.

You may recall, how back in 2000, when McCain was running against George W. Bush for the Republican nomination, the Bush campaign tore him apart in South Carolina with some of the nastiest and dirtiest tactics seen in American political history.

One of the architects of that nastiness was Tucker Askew, a protege of Karl Rove (which tells you how low he will stoop!). [How many of these Republican wastrels are named "Tucker"?] Askew, working with two other nogoodniks, Warren Tompkins and Neal Rhodes, so effectively smeared McCain that he never rose from the mud. You may remember also that one of the accusations these rotters leveled against McCain was that he fathered an illegitimate black child. Now, in South Carolina, having an illegitimate black child is the kiss of death if you want a political office!

McCain was so angry about all this he and Lindsey Graham held a press conference to denounce Askew and his tactics. McCain has claimed that he thinks "there is a special place in hell" for Tucker Askew and friends.

The more we've come to know McCain and the burning desire he has to sit in the Oval Office, the less we are surprised by the depths to which he will sink to achieve that goal.

Yes, he has hired Tucker Askew to work with him on this campaign.

When McCain campaign officials were asked if they would comment on this turn of events, they said, "No."

Tucker Eskew's blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, a guy can change his mind can't he?
Bob Poris

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