Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin energizes Obama supporters!

No doubt ol' John McCain thought that Palin would revive his base - all those fundamentalist, extremist Christian theocrats and dominionists who want to put their particular Jesus in the White House and substitute the Old Testament for the Constitution.

From all indications, that happened.

But something else happened. A nice surprise for those of us across the aisle and miles away, theologically and philosophically, from the fundamentalist fruitcakes!

NBC first reported that after Palin's speech the Obama campaign had raised $8 million dollars. I have since read that figure is now $11 million and growing.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the RNC raised $1 million after Palin's speech.

Obama's spokesman, Bill Burton, echoed the elation many of us felt (although we certainly would not want to listen to any more of Palin's falsehoods): "I hope she gives a speech every day until the election."

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