Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain cancels on Larry King

What's with these people? They keep making commitments and then canceling.

John McCain was scheduled to appear on Larry King's show last night, but canceled. The reason? Old John was pissed at the way Campbell Brown (also of CNN) treated his lap dog, Tucker Bounds, on Monday night.

You remember. Ms. Brown referred to McCain's concern about national security and Tucker pointed to Sarah Palin's "experience" as commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard.

Now, it should be noted that the Alaska National Guard has nothing to do with national defense activities other than go to war when called up by the President!

Nevertheless, Bounds had no answer and simply blurted out various Republican talking points. But Brown persisted - to no avail. Finally, she thanked Tucker for his efforts and cut off the interview.

Please note that Ms. Brown was polite and courteous throughout. She was also determined.

Evidently, so far as John McCain goes, real questions about real issues are off limits. He'll talk about his POW experience (even though he really doesn't like to) and how that gave him the experience to qualify for president, but don't ask him or his minions to be specific about the claims they make!

And, if you do, well, McCain will take his marbles and go home. Take that! Larry King!!!

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Anonymous said...

Still... many people will vote for McCain anyway. I do not know why we don't simply elect as many POWs as we can find, to any office they want. We could then elect all medal winners that the Swift Boat Medal Committee can vouch for. Eventually we will get down to disabled Vets, starting with 100% disabled. When we get down to 30% disabled, I will qualify and finish my years in some elected office. Hey, I can still wave a flag and my car has room for patriotic bumper stickers. I qualify!!!
Bob Poris

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