Saturday, September 6, 2008

Track Palin in Michigan

Some say, including Obama, that a candidate's children are off-limits. That is a good policy.

But...but...when the candidate herself and the McCain campaign brings them into the spotlight as a means of showing off the candidate's "mothering" skills, they become fair game, so to speak; not in a way to purposely demean them, but to ensure that the truth be told.

There may be nothing to any of this, as we have said about other Palin rumors.

Yet, there is something very odd about this woman who attended six colleges in six years in various states prior to finally completing the courses necessary for a degree.

There is more than just "something" in her attempting for get her ex-brother-in-law fired. There is more than just "something" in the saga of her last presumed pregnancy when her own staff didn't know she was pregnant at seven months.

There is more than just "something" when one reads the history of her rise to power in the hardscrabble town of Wasilla.

There is more than just "something" when her teenage daughter turns up unwed and pregnant-- the same daughter who was pulled out of school for 5-8 months for mono, but who, during that time, is in a car accident for which she is given a ticket.

There is more than just "something" when her first major political speech for the McCain bunch is peppered with obvious lies.

Now there's "something" about her son, Track. Track is the young man who is off to war or something like it. He is being lauded as, if not a hero, certainly "heroic," for donning the uniform and promising to protect his country, even if his mother did put him in possible danger by informing the world when he was deploying to Iraq.

Chris Christoff, of the Free Press Staff, wrote on August 29, that Track lived in Portage, Michigan "during most of his senior year in high school. He played junior major hockey. During an interview at the National Governors Association conference in 2007, she [Sarah Palin] told a Free Press Reporter that her son went back to Alaska in March to graduate with his class. ...

"Palin said she didn't know much about Michigan until the weekend she spent [there] last summer, but was impressed [with] the Traverse City area.

"'What a stinker,' she said of her son. 'He never told me how wonderful it is.'"

There's more. From an Alaska blog called Mud Flats.

"The newest rumors starting to get teeth involve Track Palin and 3 friends being arrested for vandalizing several school buses. Troopers showed up. And yes, this is Mike Wooten's area."

These young men "disabled a school bus fleet, closing core-area schools for a day in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District..."

One question comes to mind: Was Track given the option of joining the Army or going to jail?


Anonymous said...

I also want to find out why Sarah chose as her doctor Cathy Johnson when she had Trig. Why choose a doctor who was not an ob gyn but a G.P Her doctor Cathy Johnson also says on her Zoom professional profile that she is the area's leading expert on the sexual abuse of children. Oh and of course she does have the same (common) last name as Levi

Jacob said...


And why drive an hour to Wasilla...why didn't Baldwin-Johnson meet her in Anchorage where's she on staff at a hospital with a NCIU unit? And why is Cathy-Baldwin no longer on staff at the Wasilla medical center?

Lots of unusual things going on...


Anonymous said...

You can't join the Army to avoid jail anymore. Just read Army regulations:

AR 601–210 • 7 June 2007
4–12. Court disposition definitions
b. Applicant who, as a condition for any civil conviction or adverse disposition or any other reason through a civil
or criminal court, is ordered or subjected to a sentence that implies or imposes enlistment into the Armed Forces of the
United States is not eligible for enlistment unless—
(1) The condition is removed by the same or higher authority imposing the sentence.
(2) The condition is removed by virtue of expired period of sentence.
(3) The condition is over 12 months from imposition and the court, city, county, or State no longer obligates the
applicant to this condition.

Lori said...

Anon #2 - I do believe your post negates your own argument.
Note the word "unless" in the rule.
Since three of the four offenders in this particular case were juveniles, the files are sealed, and we will never know if there was some deal for Track to enter the Army (or if it was him involved in the vandalism, although my money is on him!).

Anonymous said...

I am a criminal defense attorney, and I can tell you that there are still deals if you are enlisting in the military. The judges know what kind of disposition they need to give to allow someone into the military (no one with pending charges or on probation allowed), and if they don't know, the attorneys can inform them. Recruiters sometimes come to court and sometimes talk with the judge. Or, if they can't come, they can send a letter.
There isn't really an explicit deal, but if the judge knows that the defendant is going into the military, the judge will normally do something that would allow that to happen.
I hadn't seen this much until recently.
Like I said, it isn't really explicit, but it's one of the factors, like age, job, prior record, etc. that a judge will take into consideration in sentencing.
I can't say if this is what occurred in the case in Alaska though.
Sounds like records were sealed because of his age.
Juvenile courts are supposed to be about rehabilitation, not punishment. I don't believe that joining the military really qualifies as rehabilitation, however others might disagree. Community service, counseling, finishing high school, paying restitution, and probation might be more appropriate sanctions.
It would be unusual for someone in this type of situation to escape probation and the fact that Track moved out of state after this happened makes me think that he was probably not on probation. It is often difficult to transfer probation to another state for less serious offenses.

Anonymous said...

My friend, I hope there will be "more than something" worth reading out of you anytime soon after this.

So much for anything important or halfway related to any issues--and even that would only matter if many of your accusations were NOT ridiculous, and if some weren't disgusting, and if any were really credible.

I believe if I don't learn a single thing from a blog, can't trust a person's research or logic, let alone find anything I can's not worth my time or anyone else's.

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