Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain lies - about Palin and Obama

John McCain is truth-challenged.

On the last day of August, John McCain told Brian Williams on NBC's Nightly News that Sarah Palin, the 20-month governor of Alaska "was in elected office when Senator [Barack] Obama was still a, quote, 'community organizer.'"

McCain made the same statement on the same day to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday: "when she [Palin] was in government, he [Obama] was a community organizer."

That statement is false and McCain knows it is false!

From Media Matters: "In fact, when Obama was a community organizer, from 1985-1988, Palin was an undergraduate at the University of Idao (until 1987) and then -- according to National Journal's Almanac of American Politics -- was a television sports reporter. Palin joined the Wasilla city council -- her first elected office -- in 1992, the year Obama served as director of Chicago's Project Vote! -- the local chapter of a national voter registration organization -- and began teaching at the University of Chicago Law School."

Why can't John tell the truth?

Go to Media Matters here.

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