Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin's the one with executive experience?

It's just gets funnier and funnier watching the Republican poohbahs tripping over their tongues to try to justify Sarah Palin as vice presidential nominee.

Carly Fiorina, former head of HP, who was fired for making a total mess of that company, is working for the McCain campaign. At the RNC Convention, when interviewed by Andrea Mitchell, Fiorina gave an impassioned speech about all of Palin's "executive experience." I mean, my god, she was mayor of a little town and has been a governor for all of 20 months!

Obama's a neophyte next to her, suggested Ms. Fiorina.

But nothing beats the statement made by Bill McAllister, a McCain spokesman. He said that Palin is older than Jack Kennedy was when he ran for president even though the question of her age was and is not an issue.

The issue is the fact that she has almost no experience of any consequence. Responding to that, McAllister said that "of the four people on two national tickets, she is the only one with executive experience.

Two things: One is obvious - McAllister is claiming that not even the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, has as much "experience" as does Sarah Palin. The second is simply that such a statement is moronic. Running a campaign involves a tremendous amount of executive capability. Running a senate office involves a tremendous amount of executive capability. Organizing community organizations demands executive experience.

The Republicans are stuck. All they can do is try to gloss over the fact that this woman is simply not qualified to be on any national ticket.

Or throw her to the wolves. (Alaskan wolves, of course!)

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Anonymous said...

The people will get what they deserve, if their candidate wins. They got Bush for eight years and hopefully are happy with their choice, if they voted for him both times.
Bob Poris

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