Sunday, April 5, 2009

What's Obama done lately?

It seems the other day I saw a video of Mitch McConnell, erstwhile Repugnican wingnut leader, saying that it's really too early to criticize President Obama for not turning around the financial crisis...he's only been in office for two months...but...

There's always that "but." Some folks are not only criticizing Obama for having failed to solve the financial problems of the world in two months, but are actually blaming Obama for those financial problems, even though said problems are the exclusive province of the Repugnican Party and the George W. Bush "Evil Axis" criminal gang.

Anyway you look at this, the implication is clear: Obama's had two months and he really hasn't accomplished much of anything yet.

This all got me to thinking. Excuse the hyperbole, but you'll get the point.

These aforementioned folks remember the good old days under Chimpy, and hell, it didn't take George W. Bush very long to accomplish a whole lot of things. I mean, really, just think about it:

His negligence and failure to read intelligence reports in the summer of 2001 may very well have led to 9/11; within a very short time, he had blown the entire surplus left behind by President Clinton; he started a war with another country to cop its oil for the US, but lied to the American people about it; he declared war on the environment; he talked to God and brought christianist wingnuts by the carload into the government; he started a bunch of faith-based programs which gave taxpayer dollars to christianist groups so they could save people for Jesus; he failed to provide our soldiers with proper gear and materiel; he hired crooked contractors to steal American money in Iraq; he made the US roundly hated around the world; he gave orders to torture our enemies; he wiretapped American citizens without authorization; he killed the Constitutional guarantee of habeas corpus; his FEMA organization failed totally in New Orleans during and after Katrina; he gave up playing golf (for about 2 months) to show solidarity with our fighting men and women; he gave us the highest deficit and most debt ever ...

And, amazingly, while doing all these things, he spent almost 1/3 of his time as president on vacation!

What a guy!

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Grandpa Eddie said...

George W. Bush, the conservatards hero, the man who almost single-handedly caused the collapse of the major financial institutions, and who almost destroyed the Constitution of the United States.

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