Saturday, April 11, 2009

Michael Steele, the perfect Repugnican

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The chairman of the Republican National Committee laughs off talk of a depression.

Michael Steele is the perfect Repugnican. Perfect Repugnicans create a godawful mess, in this case, an economic depression; then refuse to take responsibility for doing so; indeed have the gall to claim this is not a depression, merely a bump in the road. And then because it's so funny, they laugh. Ha, ha, ha.

Tana Ganeva, at AlterNet, references remarks by Steele in response to a comment that people were not spending less money than usual:

"I've heard a number of people say that across the country. [LAUGHTER] The malls are just as packed on Saturday. [LAUGHTER]

Well, maybe not. The number of companies declaring bankruptcy or closing stores and laying off people is large and growing. Does Steele not read the papers?

So far as the malls being packed on Saturday or any other day: again, not true. Maybe Steele has not been in a mall of late. I have. It reminded me of a tomb. During the week before Easter one would expect that any mall would be packed. Not so. The majority of stores had more employees than customers. In the smaller stores, the clerks sat morosely with their heads in the hands, or yawned while staring out the door - their shops were empty!

Michael Steele, the reigning representative of the Repugnican Party, thus personifies a party that has no grip on reality, and a tendency to laugh at the poor, the needy, the laid-off, the homeless and the fear-filled who constitute a rising segment of our population.

And that's why "Repugnican" is their perfect name.

Ganeva's article is here.


Grandpa Eddie said...

I don't know where Steele has been shopping, if he actually does shop, but everywhere I go there are no long waits in the checkout lines like there were a year ago. Not even at the Walmart near us. Like you said, more employees standing around doing nothing than there are shoppers.

Doesn't look good for those employees keeping their jobs for long.

Bob Poris said...

They are either nuts or have some strategy in mind that eludes me. I have been shopping around for a new car and find the show rooms empty of prospects, smaller sales forces, heavy inventories, all sorts of incentives, etc. If they do not see that and the lack of traffic in malls, stores, restaurants, etc, they do not deserve whatever they earn.

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