Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jesus is going to fight for you

[Image from Our Lady of Guadalupe]

Charisma magazine is a fundy Pentecostal operation, and as such, prints some very funny articles on occasion.

A recent "funny" was entitled, "The Lord Shall Fight For You!" And the sub-title was "The victory is ours, and the battle is the Lord's. He packs a stronger punch than you ever could."

Exactly what the author, Linda Sommer, is trying to get at is difficult to determine because nothing of what she says means anything in the real world in which people live.

Essentially her message is "Don't worry when bad things happen because God/Jesus is fighting for you and even though you may go through hell you'll come out of it a better person."

Our "trials" in life are to be of as "joy" for "these trials will form patience and other character traits of God in us."

(Patience is a "character trait" of God? Not in the Bible I read. He gets pissed off quickly and wipes out whole populations!)

Anyway, here's the message: when a hurricane hits and blows your town away or you get cancer or your child dies suddenly or you lose you job or your house is foreclosed on, all you need to do, says Sommer, is "position" yourself "in the cleft of the Rock (Jesus Christ) and watch Him do battle for [you]."

"Our place," she continues" is to wait upon Him, trusting in Him with all of our hearts." That will bring you peace.

It all comes down to this, she says: "The victory is ours; and the battle is the Lord's."

See how simple? Just become a christianist and believe stuff like this and everything will be all right.

I'm constantly amazed, not only that people write this drivel, but that people actually believe it!


Grandpa Eddie said...

I can see that there aren't very many of the "Jesus people" who have been listening to her.

If they really believe that their god is just and patient, why is it that the are trying so hard to turn this country into a theocracy by force by controlling the govt.

Postman said...

If only more of them really did think that way! They could sit around and wait for Gawd to feed them and we'd be rid of them in a few weeks.

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