Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hitting back at Rove (Turdblossom)

Rove's continuing appearances on FAUX News and other slightly more rational media outlets is sickening. The man deserves nothing but our contempt and a trial for his high crimes and misdemeanors!

Thanks to Video Cafe.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Rove is a nonentity and should be treated as such by all media outlets. That will never happen with Fuks Newz though, and as long as they keep parading the spineless piece of shit before the American public, CNN and the rest of the MSM that is beholding to the Rethuglicans will contiune to lap it up.

Bob Poris said...

If Obama does not investigate him soon, his methods will become permanent for all and any parties! He must appear before Congressional committees and soon. He has been and still is above the law, If he isn’t, we should know that too. The same goes for any in the previous administration that made new rules. If they are legal and desirable, we should confirm them. If not we should put a stop to them before someone, including Obama or whomever, sets them in stone forever.

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