Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stop the insanitea

This is just wonderful. Mr. Dan Gross of Newsweek clearly delineates the insanity of the tea-baggers who do not have a clue as to what they are doing, or why.

The notion of holding "tea parties" where participants toss tea into a river or lake to protest governmental taxation is ludicrous, indicating ignorance of American history. The original so-called Boston Tea Party, which these tea parties claim to emulate, was a protest against taxation without representation. The Bostonians didn't want to pay taxes to King George because they believed they were not represented in Parliament.

Today's tea-baggers, on the other hand, are well-represented in the hallowed halls of government.

Furthermore, while today's tea-baggers complain about the "bail-outs," they show their ignorance of the fact that all of the various "bail-outs" originated with the Bush administration. They can't really complain about higher taxes, either, for unless they make over $250K per year, Obama's going to give them a tax cut.

So what's up?

Personally, I believe that however this crap got started, this insani-tea - which is being heavily promoted by FAUX News - is part and parcel of a conservative wingnut plan to distract the Obama administration from its agenda; it is an attempt to throw a wrench into the workings of the government.

But because it is counter-productive and finally self-destructive, it becomes the equivalent of a bunch of little pissant kids throwing pebbles at the wall of an ice cream store because daddy won't buy them an ice cream cone, not realizing daddy has put a half-gallon of ice cream for them in the freezer at home.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Great post Jacob. I'm gonna link to your post over at my blog.

BTW, I love your "ice cream" analogy.

Jacob said...

Thanks, GE!

Bob Poris said...

Fox News is a sick joke but people listen and believe. Our free press has already been weakened and our print media is going down the toilet rapidly. Without an educated electorate and investigative reporting, we are in danger of giving up a lot of what made us a great nation under all sorts of administrations. Too many do not even know what we have, so they are not aware of what they are giving up thru ignorance and lack of interest. We usually wake up too late to change it back.

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