Friday, April 10, 2009

Lou Engle - burning up

Lou Engle is just another christianist wingnut. His major concerns, like so many of these fundy preachers, are homosexuality and abortion. It is fascinating how the god in which these folks believe doesn't appear to care about the poor, the environment, war, peace, nuclear weapons, health care -- you know, those peripheral matters.

Lou Engle doesn't really matter, either, but he does have a following and he is fanatical and thus dangerous to common sense and the commonwealth.

Engle was "a strong supporter of Proposition 8" in California. About a month and a half ago, however, he became worried that Proposition 8 might be overturned. Engle knows that God hates same-sex marriages so he thought he better help God out. Engle threw himself into this battle against sexual sin!

According to Charisma magazine, Engle, in the latter part of February, he issued an "urgent call for fasting and prayer." In a video on TheCall Web site, Engle cried "I'm just burning inside for California ... we are taking our stand and saying 'no' to the powers of darkness and 'yes' to the brilliant light of God."

Engle "has asked the entire body of Christ to pray for God to 'hold back the homosexual marriage thing that's coming raging in again.'"

Isn't that interesting? Engle's burning up and everybody's praying and God doesn't seem to be listening! Or maybe God is on the other side of the issue? Maybe God thinks Engle is a moron? Who knows?

Engle doesn't make any sense. If God was so opposed to gay marriage, why would people have to burn inside and issue urgent calls for prayer? Wouldn't God take care of the matter like when he burned up the prophets of Baal? Has God lost his power? Is the Baal story simply an ancient myth?

And now, omigod, Vermont and Iowa have approved gay marriage. Iowa, for Christ's sake!

Which is really funny because Engle's been fasting and praying for 40 days to ensure that things like this don't happen!

But here he is, "burning"!


Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, he's burning alright.
First he's lying through his teeth about what happened to that student. I really have my doubts that he was "threatened" by the teacher. But then, that's their mode of operation, blow everything up like they have been wronged.

This idiot needs to get up and go to the bathroom before he pisses his pants!

Anonymous said...

Lou Engle is a powerful and very influential man of God in this nation so I recommend you listen to what he has to say. And first of all, you say that he is "lying through his teeth" about this student incident in your 2nd sentence assuming that you have ALL knowledge of the incident and were an eye witness. In the next sentence you have "doubts". My friend, how can you be sure of something one moment and doubt it the next? If in the matter of three sentences you contradict yourself, you have destroyed any credibility to any future argument you may have... It's one thing to make GOOD credible arguments against something you don't believe. It's another to have no argument and call names and make fun of a person rather than refuting the argument. God bless!

Jacob said...

God bless? God bless? You threaten with a god of hellfire and brimstone and then have the gall to say "God bless"?

You christianist wingnuts are beyond belief! Lou Engle may be "powerful and influential" in this nation, but that sure as hell doesn't make him a man of god. He's just another flaky, ignorant, asshat christianist wingnut who has based his life on the scribblings of ancient tribesman wandering about in a fog and then has the gall to tell everyone else he has the "truth."

It's just plain sick!

God bless, indeed. What god? Where is your god? Why doesn't your god take care of the things that need to be taken care of? Describe your god...what does it look like? Does it have 3 heads?

Anonymous said...

Lou engle, mike bickle IHOP are all a cult. do your research!!!

Anonymous said...

Lou Engle, Mike Bickle and IHOP are a cult! Do your research!!!!

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