Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Colorado Christian arrested for trying to engage in sex (with girl under 15)

[Focus on the Family image by Houdini2]

Only it wasn't a pubescent youngster, as Juan Alberto Ovalle discovered. Nope. It was "undercover officers with the Jefferson County district attorney's office." Ovalle was "arrested on suspicion of using the Internet to arrange sex with a teenage girl."

So, big deal, you say. Happens all the time. Lots of Christians involved in this stuff.

Except...Ovalle, 42, is a big-time Christian who is employed by "a Spanish-speaking arm of the Colorado Springs Christian group Focus on the Family and narrates Biblical text for CDs..."

Yup, that Focus of the Family. Kinda gives the word, "focus" a new meaning!

And one more "moral scold" christianist wingnut bites the dust.

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Grandpa Eddie said...

What a dirtbag!

I'm sure Focus on the Family will come up with something to explain this away.

Yup, those christianists are such a moral upstanding group....of perverts and child molesters, like the catholic priests.

Bob Poris said...

Is being sexually perverse a requirement for those working for religious groups? It is beginning to look like a perk for many. I assume one can find rules against such activities in the bible. Why don’t they try to do as their good book tells them to do, rather than tell others what to do? Did he press one for English or two for Spanish when seeking service?

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