Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palin just needs a little stimulus to get in gear

[Sarah Palin working on her plan to become governor of Alaska - Time photo]

And that little stimulus is probably 2012!

Remember now, Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, has been bitching about the federal stimulus package since it was first announced. She wasn't going to take it, she said, in concert with several other rightwingnut GOP governors.

Amazingly, most of these rightwingnut GOP governors have learned through a process of self-discovery that they are against big government spending, deficits and red ink. How this happened exactly, we're not sure. It's possible they used taxpayer money to fly to Tibet and mediate with the Lama, or may Peru where they meditated with the llamas.

Obviously, they have not always been against big government spending, etc., as they gave Chimpy everything he asked for during his eight years in office. But lately they've got religion and that's why they don't like the stimulus bill and why they won't take any of this wasteful largess for their states!

But...but, it appears that these rightwingnut GOP governors have had another revelation. Even Mark Sanford down in South Carolina is making noises like he'll accept the money - even though he really doesn't want to. Heh. Heh. (The SOB knows if he doesn't he'll be lucky to be elected chairman of the capitol john in the next cycle!)

And Palin, too, is prancing about perkily suggesting that she might be open to accepting some of the money. I think she's finding it difficult to all of a sudden be against federal gifts to Alaska when she's spent her entire political life digging in the federal money pot.

In addition, Palin has, so far as I know, uttered not one complaint over the past several years about borrowing money to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, while she's been yelping lately about how the stimulus "enslaves our nation to other countries," she's never said a word about the fact that we're financing our war efforts on borrowed money from other countries - almost $1 trillion so far.

So, she has to be careful. She's a hypocrite for sure. But she can't overplay her hand or she'll end her career fishing off the back end of hubby's boat.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska's "House leaders are moving toward accepting all the federal stimulus money, and lawmakers think Gov. Sarah Palin is becoming more open to the cash."

You betcha! She's got 2012 in sight. If she rejects the stimulus money, which includes a big chunk for education, it is likely that may doom her chances to get the Repugnican nomination as it will show her to be the uncaring, ideological wacko that she really is.

Furthermore, after careful reflection on the career of Sarah Palin and her character (or lack thereof), it seems clear that she intended from the get-go to accept the stimulus money. She had a plan--Sarah always has a plan; and that plan always has to do with ensuring that Sarah wins whatever game she's playing at the moment.

It goes like this: Make a lot of noise about how bad the stimulus is and how she is in favor of small-government and low taxes and low spending and blah, blah, blah. That will get her in good with the rightwingnuts and fruitcakes who are her base. Then, at the last minute, decide with a huge sigh, to accept the stimulus because she just doesn't have any choice; she's under so much pressure, she had to do it. Then explain, finally, that she's realized the stimulus might be good for Alaska, even, (weep here) if it is harmful for the country as a whole.



Grandpa Eddie said...

Poor, poor Sarah. So many dilemmas, so little time.

Just like all the other self-righteous Rethuglicans, use EVERYTHING to their advantage, and screw the public in the process.

Bob Poris said...

Let us all pray that she retires early.

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